Solution to Kashmir / Machil type problem possible only through ‘UIPP’ from India or Pakistan

By : Hem Raj Jain

Dear Editor Sub:- (i)- Danger of entry of blood-thirsty ISIS in AF-PAK-Kashmir region is coming closer by the day (ii)- Kashmir problem can be solved only with end-game in sight Three Army soldiers were killed in cross border firing by Pakistan on the Line of Control (LoC) in Machil Sector of Kupwara district in north Kashmir on November, 22 (body of one soldier was mutilated which has incensed India especially its military hence India has vowed to give suitable military reply to Pakistan by military escalation and to take fitting retribution). At the same time unlike in the past when such killing and mutilation by Pakistan used to arouse huge noise in media (by military veterans, strategic & military strategists, political commentators, politicians, academicians, journalists etc) this time in comparison India almost ignored it especially in view of surgical military strike by India against Pakistan on September, 30 which has failed to humble and discipline Pakistan. This is a proof that India is now reconciled to it and has thrown its hands in despair & the sense of helplessness. But India should not forget that three factors will not allow India to remain in peace (i)- Four and half months shut down in Kashmir (ii)- Jihadi factor where Islam has laid down the lives of , as per media, about one hundred thousand Jihadis for Kashmir. Hence even if governments of India and Pakistan want to forget Kashmir problem, these Jihadis will not unless Muslim Kashmir is snatched from Hindu India. (iii)- The blood thirsty ISIS, which is waiting to enter Kashmir (and through it in AF-PAK-Kashmir region) once youth of Kashmir invite ISIS in Kashmir. [After four and half months of Kashmir shutdown after killing of Hizbul Commander Burhan Wani on July, 8 ~ 100 Kashmiris mostly youth have lost lives ~ 300 eyes of Kashmiri youth injured and ~ 12,000 Kashmiri youth injured by pellet guns. Hence in desperation the disenchanted and disillusioned Kashmiri youth (from Kashmir-cause-supporters the Separatists from Indian side and Government, military including ISI, Jihadi leaders from Pakistani side) are highly like to invite ISIS in Kashmir as said by PDP MP Muzaffar Hussain Baig too]. In such a situation there is only one possible peaceful (though it may sound a little contradictory through war initiation) solution which is to unite India and Pakistan (under pressure from global community in order to avoid Indo-Pak nuclear war) which is possible only through a genuinely secular political party as mentioned at:- . It is difficult to say whether this “United India Party’ thus far could not be launched from Kashmir for the want of Rs 50,000 per month for six months total $4,400 (though GOI, as per former Army Chief Gen VK Singh, is giving huge money to Kashmiri politicians, in futility, for keeping situation in Kashmir under control) because of lack of interest in the people of J&K or due to financial dislocation caused by on-going demonetization in India. Assuming that it is mainly due to lack of interest among Indians to go for united India-Pakistan (because Hindus do not have interest and capacity and capability and competence to rule Muslims) , it will not be off the mark if Pakistanis try to achieve united India-Pakistan through a genuinely secular party which will also fulfill the dreams of Pakistanis to again rule India (which Muslims ruled for ~ 600 years before advent of Britishers in India). One more thing Pakistanis need to understand. Though it is popularly said that ‘Democracy is of the people by the people and for the people’ but in no democracy of the world people rule directly. People in democracy always rule through political parties. Hence notwithstanding majority of Hindus in united India and Pakistan the ‘United India – Pakistan Party’ (UIPP) sponsored by Pakistani Muslims (by winning the hearts and mind of Hindus in reunited India) can again rule India. Though on the face of it, this will be much easier for India (~ six times bigger than Pakistan in size, population and economy) to go for war against Pakistan in order to retrieve PoK which is bound to bring international pressure for United India-Pakistan for avoiding Indo-Pak nuclear war. But this is not difficult for Pakistan also to achieve united India-Pakistan in said manner given not much disparity between India and Pakistan in traditional military term (publicly known to every one) because:- (i)- Disparity in number of military personnel can be bridged by Pakistan by getting battle-hardened Jihadi fighters from all over the world (ii)- Disparity in economic matters can be bridged to practical purpose from financial help from Islamic countries and China (which China will do due to CPEC where China has even publicly promised, through its Counselor at Lahore, its intervention in case of Indo-Pak war) (iii)- As known to everybody, the major part of surplus military of India ~ 3 to 5 hundred thousand being bogged down in J&K (doing law & order job under protection of AFSPA, SPA etc) and which, with little military support from China, can be easily trapped by Pakistan by cutting road access from rest of India to J&K. (iv)- In view of above mentioned, Pakistan can safely try (publicly prepare) such military adventure against India in order to achieve United India-Pakistan which will peacefully solve Kashmir and other related problems, once and for all under international pressure. Therefore in view of lack of interest on the part of Indians for united India-Pakistan (though it is the only way to stop imminent and otherwise inevitable entry of ISIS in AF-PAK-Kashmir region) the Pakistanis should launch a genuinely secular Party (United India Pakistan Party) and under its pressure should try to rule united India again by achieving united India-Pakistan as mentioned above in some detail. Regards Hem Raj Jain (Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’) Bengaluru, India

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