Same Sex Marriages

By : Joseph Costa

Dear Dr. Bhatti, I am writing to express my opposition to same-sex marriages, and other similar unions that mimic marriage. Marriage, since time immemorial, has always been between one man and one woman, like primogenitors [first parents] Adam and Eve, except in recent times due to the growing, expanding sinfulness of society, which is increasingly following, adopting, relishing, Satanism as the religion of state. Society today is speeding fast towards destruction, towards emulating Sodom and Gomorrah, the two ancient cities in the Middle East destroyed by God with fire and brimstone, because of their abominable sins. Who said history repeats itself? He is right! Saint Paul says that traditional... "Marriage, in every way, must be held in honour, and the marriage-bed kept free from stain; over fornication and adultery, God will call us to account." (Hebrews 13.4) Jesus says: "Marriage means procreation and its act means and must be fecundation [begetting children]. Otherwise it is immoral. You must not make a brothel of your nuptial beds. And that is what they become if they are soiled by lust and are not consecrated by maternity." Marriage, then, is really all about giving children to God, but only if a married couple, solely a man and a woman, can afford to do so, and not about gratifying oneself with unmitigated carnal lust. Having children without also having the means to rear them, is irresponsible! It is negative charity, really. The only method of birth control that Jesus approves of, is... abstinence from sex. All other forms of birth control are sinful. All of them, without exception. In a communication to Cardinal Caffarra, Sister Lucia, one of the three visionaries of our Lady of Fatima, said that "the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family." Satan winning means people go to Hell. Satan already knows, that, if he can destroy the traditional marriage between a man and a woman and destroy the traditional family, then he will succeed in dragging most of humanity into Hell... for endless eternity. For obvious reasons: society will thereby become wicked as once was Sodom and Gomorrah, cities once destroyed by God for their abominable sins, including same-sex sex and sex with animals. Sodom and Gomorrah now lie at the bottom of the Dead Sea, dead, dead, dead, never to rise again. Same-sex marriages, and other similar unions that mimic marriage, are Satan's frontal attack in his relentless war against the traditional marriage and the traditional family, in order to lead humanity into depravity and thence into the Abyss: Hell. Satan never sleeps... in his quest for prey. His rapacious hunger for souls is insatiable. He's a monster. In times past, in the Bible we learn that God, the God of the Bible, the true only God, and there is no other god outside of Him, created the human species: male and female He created them, beginning with Adam and Eve, our first parents. Only a biological female can get naturally pregnant and have children, but never, ever a male. Males and females must remain distinct, ordered by God, as created differently by God, with different functions, not identical ones, despite what the dopey rebellious feminists might say or do. They are merely an aberration, really, as a result of their being given "air" in the media. The Lord said: "A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's garment; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God." (Deut.22.5) Today, scientists tell us that males and females have two sex chromosomes to distinguish themselves: the female has two X sex chromosomes, whereas the male has the X and the Y sex chromosomes. No amount of mutilation of a male's or of a female's sexual organs can change the resultant mutilant, the mutilated person's biological makeup. The two sex chromosomes taken in during conception and development remain intact even after any such mutilation. So gender is really, unequivocally, all about which of the two alternate pairs of sex chromosomes a person has inherited jointly from his biological mother and his biological father, and not about what an offspring's perverted lust, an unnatural hunger, wants it to be. Seemingly attempting to alter a person's gender could be a very grave offence to God, as such an attempt in effect tells God that His creation was not good enough for him, that that person, mere dust, less than dust, really, is superior to God Almighty. Of course, Satan must obviously enjoy himself, probably cackling with laughter, whenever he sees man, mere dust, offend God Almighty. It's nearly like an ant telling a mountain to move aside so that it can pass by. Those who engage in same-sex sex, an abhorrent, unhygienic, filthy, demonic activity, already have marriage equality: a loaded weasel expression, powerful in mind games, playing the victim card in order to evoke pity and a sense of being victimised, discriminated against, excluded... and thereby win by those ruses. And ruses they are. They already have the right to go and marry like anyone else, if they want to. They are merely banging on, really, about wanting an additional right, the right to marry someone, or many others, of the same-sex, for same-sex sex, for unnatural carnal lust: an insatiable hunger. Same-sex sex is an abomination, contrary to nature and the natural laws, abhorrent sins that, together with bestiality, once led God to exterminate the whole world (except Noah and his family) by the Great Flood of water over the whole earth, and to later destroying Sodom and Gomorrah (and other cities). The sinners involved also relished having sex with animals. The forbidden is always an allure and joy to the depraved. That probably explains why taking drugs is so prevalent in society today, after having probably exhausted breaking all or most of the Ten Commandments of God, One and Three. In due course, this world of ours will also be destroyed, to the extent of about 2/3 of the population, by the prophesied three days of darkness and chastisement. The world has obviously become much too wicked for God to tolerate. There's plenty of information on this chastisement-to-come on the internet. In the Bible, in the Book of Leviticus, the true only Lord our God, One and Three, the God of the Bible, says the following about same-sex sex: "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination;" (Leviticus 18.22), and: "If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination;" (Leviticus 20.13) In the New Testament of the Bible, saint Jude (the nephew of saint Joseph) says: "So with Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities round them, which fell into the same debauchery as their neighbours and pursued unnatural lust [same-sex sex and maybe also sex with animals]; they bear, for our warning, their sentence of eternal fire [in Hell]." (Jude 5.7) Warning? "... for our warning...???" Too many men simply do not fear the Judgement of Almighty God, nor fear the prospect of going to Hell; but that's because they haven't gone there, yet. And "... it is true that the fire of Hell is such that merely a reflection of it given off by one of the damned can burn wood and turn metals into drops of liquid..." Saint Peter, the first Pope appointed by Christ, also censures same-sex sex in much the same way as saint Jude. (II Peter 2.6-10) In the New Testament of the Bible, saint Paul says: "... God abandoned their lustful hearts to filthy practices of dishonouring their own bodies among themselves." (Romans 1.24) "God abandoned them to passions which brought dishonour to themselves. Their women exchanged natural for unnatural intercourse [same-sex sex]; and the men, on their side, giving up natural intercourse with women, were burnt up with desire for each other; men practising vileness [same-sex sex] with their fellow men ." (Romans 1.26-27) The foregoing quotations from Scriptures, from the Bible, are pretty clear and unequivocal, except to those who wish to sin abominably or who want that sin "sanctified." Those who engage in, or support, such sinful activities, as I said above, will be punished by God. Hell awaits them. I have appended below a description of what Hell's like, so that you may know where same-sex sex practitioners, and their supporters or sympathisers, will end up going one day. Or rather, drop down into... the Abyss. Those who support a particular sin, themselves sin as having also committed that very same sin and will be punished for it. (Romans 1.32) Saint John says: "If you are visited by one who does not bring this teaching [Christ's teaching] with him, you must not receive him in your houses, or bid him welcome; to bid him welcome is to share the guilt of his doings." (II John 1.10-11) And what horror is there, more than all this, the horror of horrors, than the actions of some abject sinful Christian clergy, depraved clergy, false clergy, false pastors who have supported, or have acquiesced on, same-sex sex and same-sex marriages. Of course, those repulsive false pastors, 'stinking tombs,' wolves among the sheep, are really unmitigated traitors of Christ, betraying the Blood of Christ, the new Judases in the service of Satan their real master whom they worship. Oh, how Hell awaits them... with impatience!! During His stay on earth, Jesus once said that, just as Judas Iscariot was His betrayer, being one in twelve apostles, so too would His future clergy betray Him: one in every twelve ministers. Judas is now in Hell, suffering therein atrociously, additionally belching blood and inhaling blood because he betrayed the Blood of Christ. Judas' pains and sufferings will never cease throughout endless eternity. Judas was also a thief, a liar, on the take from the Jewish Sanhedrin, practised the occult, and was an incorrigible debauchee: full of sins, evil, and he even tried to seduce some of Jesus' female followers. For some reason undisclosed, Marjiam, the adopted young boy of saint Peter, called Judas... a desecrator! Rebuking same-sex sex practitioners, our Lord said, via Saint Catherine of Siena (1347-1380), a great mystic and a Doctor of the Church, thus: "... but these wretches [same-sex sex practitioners] not only do not bridle this fragility [man's proclivity to sin], but do worse, committing that accursed sin [same-sex sex] against nature, and as blind and fools, with the light of their intellect darkened, they do not know the stench and misery in which they are [in]. "It is not only that this sin [same-sex sex] stinks before Me, who am the Supreme and Eternal Truth, it does indeed displease Me so much and I hold it in such abomination that for it alone I buried five cities by a divine judgement, My divine justice being no longer able to endure it. "This sin [same-sex sex] not only displeases Me as I have said, but also the devils whom these wretches have made their masters. Not that the evil displeases them because they like anything good, but because their nature was originally angelic, and their angelic nature causes them to loathe the sight of the actual commission of this enormous sin [same-sex sex]." Jesus, the Lord, also said much the same thing, as the foregoing, in a Dictation to Maria Valtorta, thus: "You [men] are inverted in the senses [in lusts]. Never as now, this characteristic [same-sex sex], the result of centuries of vice, which makes you inferior to the beasts, is widespread. Nor do you combat it, but, rather, since you are depraved, you take pleasure in it and exploit it for your purses [for money]. You cause the demons disgust. And I won't say anything more out of respect for My spokeswoman [i.e. Maria Valtorta, who would obviously have been utterly disgusted had Jesus elaborated further]." "... inferior to the beasts..." And... even the devils, who are utterly evil, loathe same-sex sex, whose practitioners they view to be more evil, more abominable, than they are. Same-sex sex is disgusting and abominable even to the devils! But not, it seems, to those who actually practise, or support, or sympathise with, that repulsive filthy abomination. And there are many. And Hell is amply vast enough to accommodate them all, with ample room to spare. And what other abomination, in the course of time, may follow the legal recognition of same-sex marriages, is anyone's guess. Only time will tell, but already some of the abominations of the road to Hell are becoming increasingly apparent. In February 2016, for example, in a pagan country in northern Europe that has long legalised same-sex marriages and sexual depravity, a group of members of a major political party agitated for legalising necrophilia [sex with a corpse] and incest [sex between related family members]. It's all so revolting, beyond belief, I must admit, but these two proposals, necrophilia and incest, were indeed actually discussed, as potential policies to be implemented. In June 2016, as another example, in a quasi-pagan country in North America that has long legalised same-sex marriages, that country's Supreme Court, judges, a mere handful of men, ruled, in effect legislated for the majority of the millions of men in that country, that it was legal for a man to have sex with an animal provided that there was no actual sexual penetration of the animal. That decision struck me as being an unmitigated political decision to please the ruling political class that is in the service of Satan. I think lawyers call this kind of legislation by the euphemism... activism - a cosy, cute, cover-up ruse, eh? Relatively recently, in a pagan territory in Oceania, a mickey-mouse Parliament, peopled by a den of demons headed by a same-sex sex practitioner, legislated allowing the legal corruption of birth certificates, by allowing a person in later life to change his or her name or gender, backdated, and by allowing the non-disclosure of any such backdated changes on a birth certificate subsequently issued. In effect, then, later life corrupt changes can now legally be passed off as having been in existence from birth. Obviously, such corrupt certificates are now filthy stinking dung, fit only for the dung-heap, are not real birth certificates at all, but are, in reality, covert statements of Satanism. I don't think Satan, the lord and master of that demonic mickey-mouse Parliament, has stopped laughing yet. So don't be surprised what other abhorrent abominations will most certainly follow, surely as the night follows the day, the further legalisation of same-sex marriages, in man's moribund race towards Satanism and emulating sinful, abominable, Sodom and Gomorrah. In countries that have already legalised same-sex marriages, persecution of Christians proliferates, albeit mostly unreported in the mainstream media, some chunks of which seem to have gone merrily over to the "dark side," in the service of Satan, currently attempting to provoke an internecine nuclear war between the pagan West and Christian Russia, in order to loot, steal, Russia's vast natural resources. The pagan West will lose. Pagans have no morals, and so anything and everything is okay by them. The so-called democracies of the West are now neither western nor democracies, are nothing but unmitigated dictatorships by alternating major political parties controlled either by one person or by a few. Bribery and payola are rampant. Sick. The covert ultimate aim of same-sex sex practitioners, and of their supporters or sympathisers, is to have same-sex marriages officiated and sanctified by the Catholic Church. And they will attempt to use depraved human laws, wickedness, enacted by some depraved politicians, the wicked, in the service of Satan and maybe also on the take, in order to force, compel, the true Catholic Church to do so. The tactics usually employed by the same-sex sex practitioner-culprits are: first, they gain entrance into the Catholic Church by wicked cunning, by concealing their abominable lifestyles with a deceitful cloak. And they are very, very polite, too, to boot, like the sound of a soothing flute. And then, once inside the 'tent,' their claws come out to tear the 'tent' to shreds, by commencing expensive lawsuits against the Church, citing discrimination or other similar ruses. All this has recently been exemplified, in September 2016, in a lawsuit filed by a same-sex sex practitioner, a woman in a same-sex marriage relationship with another woman, against a New Jersey Catholic school, citing discrimination of course. But the local archbishop, a true faithful minister of Christ, has stood his ground, defending Catholic Doctrine bravely and resolutely in the manner of the 'NO,' of the 'non licet' given to king Herod by saint John the Baptist, saying, among other things: "It seems that many have equated, mistakenly, the Church's position of welcoming sinners (for we are all sinners) with the notion that we accept teaching and lifestyles contrary to the principles of our Faith that can create scandal in our Church. ... ... The invitation to join in the life of the Church does not include an invitation to alter or redefine what the Church believes or teaches, nor is it an invitation to allow others to define the identity, mission and message of the Church. Even Jesus recognised that some people could not or would not accept His teaching. He was saddened when they walked away from Him, but He never altered His teaching. Nor shall we do so today." Long ago, traitor and debauchee, Judas Iscariot, tried to get Jesus to change His teaching, and often contested it. And what's even more remarkable and scandalous today, is that some ex-students of the above mentioned Catholic school are supporting, like Judas Iscariot used to support his sinful mates, the above same-sex sex practitioner, and so have gone against the heroic archbishop and against Catholic Doctrine. Those ex-students are stinking false Catholics, like Judas Iscariot was a stinking false disciple of Christ. And we all know where Judas is now. Same-sex sex practitioners will never ever get their relationships nor marriages sanctified by the real Catholic Church. They will never, ever, succeed. Never, ever! They will simply fail, and fail hopelessly, lose like their loser-idol, Satan, whom they covertly worship, and then they will go to join him in Hell. Of course, what most people don't know, is that the "Beast" mentioned in saint John's Apocalypse, is political power in the service of Satan. And aren't many human laws today, worldwide, in the service of Satan? Doing obeisance to his commandments, obeying them? Maybe the Catholic Church should consider issuing her own marriage certificates: 'Sacramental Marriage Certificate' (and perhaps also 'Catholic Birth Certificate') and bypass those issued by the stinking civil authorities that want to legalise, or have already legalised, same-sex marriages. Many people no longer fear the Lord, and probably fear much less the prospect of going to Hell for endless eternity. But they will fear... when eventually they get in there, just as Satan, the fallen angels, and the human damned, now do. Satan once confessed that: "... the tears of my [his] torment are so numerous, they have filled Hell with liquid fire." There's even a Satanist gloating around these days who calls this "... Hell with liquid fire..." a kingdom. A kingdom!!?? Maybe he'll change his mind once he gets in there, and begins to get roasted alive in that "liquid fire." What an utter dope! By choice, not by birth. I have long conjectured that ancient Pompeii, ostensively once fully destroyed by mount Vesuvius and buried in the earth, but today slowly being uncovered and brought "to life" over the years by archaeologists, near Naples, Italy, could very well have been one of the above five sinful cities destroyed and buried by Divine Justice due to their abominable sins of same-sex sex. Archaeologists have found ample evidence pointing to many abominable sins of the flesh having been committed there: a hot-bed of vice, depravity, and filth. That mount Vesuvius, before its eruption, from time immemorial, was considered by the ancients not to have been a volcano, gives some credence to the suggestion (by me and perhaps by others) that it was transformed into a massive erupting volcano by Jesus' command in order to destroy and 'bury' abominable sinful ancient Pompeii. I don't think I'd ever want to go anywhere near that place. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us. The foregoing is pursuant to my analysis, from various sources. With kind regards. Joseph Costa

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