Miserable condition of Pakistani Christian leadership

By : Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti

It is great grief to share with you concerning the His Holy words. Wolves in sheep’s clothing, Wolves are that spoil and destroy soul than winning soul for Christ. I would like to share about few wolves that are in sheep's clothing, they are doing business on the souls of Pakistani Christian by deceiving them. I respect good heart leadership who have vision, mission and calling from God and feeling for innocent people and fellow leadership. It is shame for me to have my name in the "so called supreme counsel bishops” who did not take care of fellow leader. Even I have our own International Bishops of Counsel. If they had done with me what they will do with people who will be in their fellowship or under their guidance of leadership. His Holy words, If you did wrong with little one, you have done with me. People will say when Lord did not do well with you. (Matthew 18: 6). Pakistani Christians are not only fed up with brutal atmosphere of extremists but also Christian extremists. Thousands and thousands Pakistani Christian is leaving Pakistan because of lack of Good leadership. 67 year had gone away, but corrupt leadership is on our heads to dominate us, spoil and destroy our inner peace in Christ. Pakistani Christian are seeking Asylum in other countries and suffering a lot because of leaderships. I personally do not like fake leadership of Bishop Dominic Javed as chairman of "supreme council of the bishops” who are registered with Government of Pakistan and his pastor Karamat Ilyas Choudary of "Sade - E -Akelit Magazine". They did get money from me for going to Turkey religious places, but pastor karamat ill-yas did not response me after getting money. I always respect all good visionary leadership who burden for souls to win and save. But it is business on name of religious places. Today, I want to share a mysterious secret, how Bishop Dominic and pastor karamat iIl-yas Choudry did deceive me. I gave money to Bishop Dominic on saying of pastor ill-yas for visiting "Religious place Tour". I did call again and again but there was no response. Then i did inform chairman of "so called supreme counsel of bishops" about pastor illyas's irresponsible attitude. Chairman told me that they had gone to Jordon, when pastor will come back, we will discuss then my money will be given back. Pastor ill-yas again did not respond my calls after coming back from Jordon, I again called Chairman Dominic, and He said to me that he will call karamat, and then inform me, but I had been waiting for two days, but no response. Then they called me to come in Lahore, but they did not pay my full amount and my traveling documents. They did promise with me that they will come in Faisalabad on 3rd September 2016. They will pay back my rest of amount and documents. but on appointed date, they did not come in Faisalabad, when I called again pastor karamat Illyas, he told me that bishop Nasir is in Hospital, that is why they did not come in Faisalabad, When I called to bishop Nasir, he told me that he is not in Hospital, he is good. I was surprised on the lies of pastor Karamat illyas. Then again I had to call bishop Dominic Javed, he told me that I should call pastor karamat ill-yas. I told Bishop Dominic that pastor is saying that money was given to Bishop Dominic, so i should ask Bishop Dominic Javed. Then I asked Bishop Dominic Javed that you took responsibility of pastor Karamat Illyas and you gave guarantee of pastor Karamat Illyas. Then bishop Dominic Javed told me that he just take responsibility to give money to pastor karamat Illyas only. So he is not responsible now. I was surprised to hear chairman' wording about pastor karamat who is also member of so called supreme council of bishops. Now it is crucial points to think, what they did with me who is fellow leader who have same authority as Bishop, if they did with me this kind of treatment and attitude? What they will do with innocent people? Who are under their guidance and supervision? I am ashamed of this kind of leadership in Pakistan, I do not accept so called chairmanship so called "supreme counsel of bishops". Who cannot handle his member pastor after getting responsibility? After giving me guarantee that he is not kind of fraud person. Now what this had been proved that it is fraud. I cannot be among those leaders to have fellowship who do misbehaver and mistreatment with fellow leaders. It is crystal clear picture; they have put my name and photo in their list of supreme council of bishop". I am so sorry to say, Christianity has so many wolves who using name of God and the Holy Bible for their business work. They are deceiving souls instead of bring soul to Lord Jesus Christ. Even I did not sign any paper for this council of bishops. Why they are publishing my name in their team after mishavioring of fraudulent, I did not like their leadership. It means that they are showing their manpower without getting someone in confidence. Even they have no communication with me for month and consultation of publishing my name. it shows that they are doing some of sort of deceptive things. I respect those leaders who are working for Glory of God and His Kingdom. If they will use my name and photo for their selfish usage anymore, they did pollute my name in their bishop counsel, I will send them legal notice. With Humble heart in Christ Bishop Dr. Farhad S. Bhatti

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