Situation of Civil Hospital Faisalabad demands attention of government

By : Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti

Most Honorable Prime Minister, Nawar Sharif Most Honorable DCO Faisalabad Respected Journalists Dear Sir, It is great grief to share with you, how much carelessly patients are treated by DHQ's Staff. It is humble request to visit DHQ where innocent poorest patient had been treated with corruptive manners for getting short amount commission along with their Government' salaries on the tests and dreadful treatment without conscious of loose of life, feeling and emotions for patients and their families, It is terrible attitude with humanity that kills human inner spiritually, morally in realm of corruptive. Every human gives lesson to fellow human with their good and bad attitude. It is miserable incident that happened in the DHQ (civil Hospital) Faisalabad, Pakistan. Today dated 29 September 2016, one patient Named Safia who was pregrent, she came to Radiology department for X - Rays. But watchman who allows patients "In" and "cut" from X - Rays room. Safia was poor lady, she got permission from Doctor for Free test. But watchman did play corruptive role by cutting her name from paper and wrote another name "Samina” for earning Rs. 200 rupees. He changed her free test report with another paid patient report that had different kind of disease for only Rs. 200 Pakistani Rupees. Watchman - Ward boy cut name on the same paper and wrote another name Samina. On the same time, watchman - ward boy had been caught up by Chief of Radiology department. It happened before me. Chief of Radiology department had been warning to whole staff of Radiology about the irresponsible corruptive attitude of watchman - ward boy. i personally checked those papers of Safia and Samina. Both have different diseases and different papers. It is painful to read that on basis of X - Rays, Doctor Advice’s patients about medicines for their treatment. It is brutal treatment with innocent poor poeple who came with expectation in Government Hospital. It is also very sad to know that Radiology Department's Doppler machine is "out of order" for last three days. Patient had been referred to "Allied Hospital for tests". If they are in the condition of going or not. It is another irresponsible attitude of Hospital authorities. When i asked Doctor of Radiology department, he said that they have lack of Staff. I could not understand about his point about lack of staff, I think that he means that they did hire men without commitment or training on private basis. In the Emergency department, It had been also observed from another patient case, she was in critical condition, but she had been intentionally discharge because of someone influence after sending her into Ali Ward by advice of professor, after few days she suffered into critical condition, she had been admitted again in DHQ on request of Religious leader Bishop. There is another patient named Muhammad Arshad, he had been discharged from Tariq Ward in stable condition, but today he came back with more serious condition after three days. Many of patients told that staff (Watchman, ward boy, cleaners and lower profile workers ) gets money for doing nurse's work for example changing bag of Urine and dapper. Even it is written on "Notice Board by Government in wards", if anyone get money for doing their job from patient' care taker, they will be punished or handed over to Police. But it is going on openly. Poorest community people went to DHQ that it is Government Hospital. All kind of treatment is free for poor people. But It become costly because of staff of Hospital for lower class salaried person, private daily wager - lower sectors even lower class worker of Government. It has been observed that Doctors are doing their duties according to their commitment actively. but It also seemed that doctors are afraid about infectious atmosphere of Hospital. But there are something wrong in management or whatever?, Management had been terrified because of role of staff. Stealing of patient care taker is going in wards. They showed as they are spending their job time. It is also sad to know that MS of DHQ told that DHQ's two department (liver and heart) are under NGOs “Trust". They cannot get favor for poorest people for their tests and treatment. May God satisfy innocent human being who expects from Government? May Higher authorities give attention to poorest' causes and problems in sensitive departments and Hospitals. With Humble heart request Bureau Chief/Journalist Pakistan Christian Post Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti

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