No end to grievances of Military-Veterans unless launch their political party

By : Hem Raj Jain

Sub:- (i)- OROP is only one and minor issue (ii)- Unless martial deficiency of Indian State is removed Indian Military will never get respect and justice (iii)- Launch of national political party by Military-Veterans, the only solution As happened during 2012 also we have again started getting emails on social media where Military-Veterans are complaining & lamenting that Modi government too has betrayed the armed forces (including in case of OROP) as is evident from one such email circulating such frustration by one of former top brasses of Army as given at:- The response by Military-Veterans to this article of Veteran Maj Gen. Mrinal Suman is also circulating in social media. What is common is that the grievances of Military-Veterans are same as was in 2012. This time also Military-Veterans do not understand that only when a ruler rules for honor and only when martial deficiency of Indian State is removed, then only their grievances & complaints will be addressed (including about OROP). This in a democracy can be ensured only through a national political party which believes in these fundamental principles of governance and unfortunately no existing political party in India believes in these principles. This was the reason that in 2012 I tried to launch a political party sponsored by Military-Veterans but I was told by Military-Veterans that they may not go for a political party but for a human-right NGO. Hence I started contacting Military-Veterans in 2012-13 and for this I also went from Bengaluru to M.P., Rajasthan and Delhi and met Military-Veterans. But I got the impression that Military-Veterans were depending heavily on coming of BJP / PM Modi in power and especially of former Army Chief Gen V.K. Singh. Therefore Military-Veterans did not take any interest in launching even said HRNGO [which was supposed to first tackle three major martial problems causing huge bloodshed in India and of Indians namely Kashmir (including rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundits), illegal immigrants from Bangladesh & Pakistan and Naxalism from about one third territory of India]. Now again Military-Veterans have started airing their grievances and laments but they will reach nowhere unless they launch an India level political party (this time no HRNGO). This political party will be like any other political party registered at Election Commission of India but will have first priority to remove martial deficiency of India State as mentioned above and in addition will believe in Federal-Secular-Socialist (Joint-capitalism)-Democratic-Republic policies. The Military-Veterans should understand that due to present unrest in Kashmir the launch of this political party by Military-Veterans will be greeted and supported immensely all over India because present BJP government and all other political parties in India are not up to the mark and are doing nothing for Kashmir solution (which is nothing but retrieve of PoJK, first by talking to Pakistan and if Pak refuses to handover PoJK on table then retrieving PoJK militarily) It is hoped that Military-Veterans this time (instead of indulging in their favorite pass-time of complaining & lamenting) will take effective step of sponsoring the launch of a national political party. Regards Hem Raj Jain (Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’) Bengaluru, India

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