Iranians are not Muslims is totally misleading claim by Saudi Cleric

By : Ashfaq Sharif

Saudi Arabia’s top cleric said Iranians are “not Muslims” those succeeded to over thrown SHAH OF IRAN U S A favorite man in 1979 due to true Islamic revolution in Iran which all worlds accept and admit. I must ask question from Saudi cleric what his opinions regarding ISIS evil forces fighting in Syria, Iraq who is consider the followers of Yazadi’s cum WAHABI they are Muslims with which par meter. I must say who gave power to SAUDI wahabi mufti TO call any Islamic state not Muslim which is too shameful act and he accountable for these words. Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei slams the "incompetence" of the Saudi royal family while Saudi Arabia's top cleric Grand Mufti Abdulaziz al-Sheikh says Iranian leaders are "not Muslims". Now Turkey’s top Muslim cleric has publicly condemned the Saudi Grand Mufti, declaring his statement to be invalid and a contradiction to Islam and its relations with other faiths The Saudi “Grand Mufti,” Shaikh Abdul Aziz Aal-Al-Shaykh caused outrage a few weeks ago when he said all churches in Kuwait should be “destroyed.” The position of Saudi Grand Mufti is actually a political one back to the alliance between the House of Saud and the House of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab in the 18th century. The war of words between the clerics also comes nine months after Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic ties with Iran in response to attacks on Saudi diplomatic compounds in Iran by people angered by the kingdom's execution of a prominent Shia cleric convicted of terrorism offences. Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei blasted the "incompetence" of the Saudi royal family as he met with the families of victims of a deadly stampede during last year's Hajj. "This incident proves once again that this cursed, evil family does not deserve to be in charge and manage the holy sites," Khamenei said, calling for a fact-finding committee to investigate the cause of the crush "The government of Saudi Arabia must be held accountable for this incident," Rouhani told a weekly Cabinet meeting. "Unfortunately, this government has even refrained from a verbal apology to Muslims and Muslim countries." Too early Saudi forgotten how Iran defeat the USA without using a single weapon when the USA forces failed to release their 54 hostages in 1979 at that time USA is super power but failed in their mission at last President Jimmy Carter famous quotes “ God is with Khomeini “ When UNO & OIC awake from deep sleep and realize to play important and neutral role to restore the peace between both country and form impartial enquiry for those who killed last year Hajj to determine causes of death and accept the finding and facts from Muslim countries which Saudi Govt never willing to accept. Saudi mufti please check your own words in the light of famous quote by Prophet Mohd (PBUH) “from Muslim hands and tongue another Muslims is saved” when giving harsh words for not a ordinary Muslims but a TOP Shia leaders & cleric of Iran which is too hurting and dis-appointment for not following our beloved Prophet Mohd (PBUH) quotes which is guideline for all Muslim followers. In last I must condemn and regret what Saudi Mufti said is totally mis leading Muslim community and working for making difference more widen instead of difference should be narrow or ignored. Thanking You (Ashfaq Sharif) Karachi. Pakistan

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