TARGET killers are BEAST

By : Ashfaq Sharif

I want to share what formula or interest professional TARGET KILLERS working to kill any innocent human beings no matter belong to Muslim or Non-Muslim followers, whose instruction he obeying and killing innocent only for getting cash reward or any secret status. Who gave license to kill innocent & no punishment will be awarded if caught later DUE to lack of justice but never think a while how to skip from GOD PUNISHMENT. I must say if these professional target killers not punish according to law for the crime do not think target killers skip from God punishment. God will take revenge and give punishment for target killers deserve, perhaps remain abide in HELL forever for killing any innocent human beings. Who gave power or authority to target killers for playing with precious human lifes and no fear of God punishment are consider these people are MAD, abnormal and devil using him according to his wish against negative and sin works. Never think a while if killing a bread earner who will look after his immediate family and who will next source of income for their family? Making orphans their children and widow to his wife, left their dependent helpless and face hardship to earn bread & butter to survive. In last I request to God all people (target killers, who give instruction, who provide shelters & who are their well-wishers are equally involve in killing of any innocent human beings only to keep happy their DEVIL boss. God must STOP all people’s oxygen supply and whenever they plan or decide for killing of innocent people, these people are human beings but worse than ANIMAL. Those who conduct suicide attacks ending own life in HARAM way and taking many innocent life’s for those people Islam hate and openly condemn and no relationship with Islam. What satisfaction one gets after killing any innocent? These people are consider shameless human beings on earth. Thanking You Yours faithfully (Ashfaq Sharif) Karachi

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