Now-Gandhian Malik should use Gandhian & Gita technique to solve Kashmir problem

By : Hem Raj Jain

Dear Editor Sub:- (i)- Government of India depending only on military solution to Kashmir problem (ii)- Situation were never so conducive for non-violent solution to Kashmir problem as post Burhan killing (iii)- Malik should reap the dividends of chosen non-violent path (iv)- People of Indo-Pak region will remember Malik forever, if he solves Kashmir problem through non-violence. Yasin Malik [of JKLF and an ex-militant (who was allowed by India to renounce the path of armed rebellion) and who has become a Gandhian by adopting non-violence as political technique to solve Kashmir problem] now has golden opportunity to solve Kashmir problem through non-violence, as given below:- (1)- First and foremost Malik should understand that (even if nuclear factor of India and Pakistan is over-looked) the Kashmiris can’t get solution to their problem through violence (not even with the support of military and Jihadis of Pakistan) because Indian military is too powerful against all these in traditional war. This is the main reason that government of India has already hardened its stance toward main demands of Kashmiris (also through main-stream parties of Kashmir namely NC and PDP). This is evident from weekend visit of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to valley where India has shown no interest either in removing stringent laws like AFSPA etc or in talking to Pakistan and Kashmiri separatists. (2)- Hence Malik should take a vow that he will see to it that no one is killed or no blood flows in future for the solution of Kashmir problem. Malik should understand that situation were never so conducive for solving Kashmir problem no-violently as post Burhan killing. Due to home-grown support for the political solution of Kashmir problem, now it is very easy for Malik to garner the support from entire spectrum of Kashmiris for Kashmir solution. Hence Malik (who commands huge following and support in both sides of J&K and in India and in Pakistan) should not let this opportunity (of non-violent solution to Kashmir problem) go as waste. (3)- Without unification of J&K there is no Kashmir solution. Moreover India and Pakistan both consider J&K (on both the sides of border / LOC) as their territory. Hence Malik should further understand that people of India and Pakistan and entire J&K have every right to go anywhere in J&K (on both the sides of border / LOC). Hence in view of said military – oriented approach of Government of India (which is not liked by many human rights friendly Indians from all over India) Malik should launch an international HRNGO (for both sides of border / LOC) to take the non-violent march to Muzaffarabad the capital of POK (and similarly to Srinagar). (4)- (If we do not count the non- Muslim majority area population of Jammu & Ladhakh in initial phase of the movement as they and from rest of India may join little later-on), the population of Muslim majority Kashmir valley is ~ 7 million whereas of POK is ~ 5 million (which would be easier for Malik to approach during initial phase). If Malik can mobilize even one fourth of this population to take march across border / LOC and to court arrest (which certainly would be done by security forces of India and Pakistan) then these ~ 3 million people of India (including J&K), Pakistan (including POK) in jail for the cause of finding no-violent solution to chronic & gory Kashmir problem, is bound to arouse tremendous international response in favor of urgent Kashmir solution. (5)- In addition to said Gandhian approach (of courting arrest of ~ 3 million people from both sides of border / LOC) Malik should also adopt approach as advocated in ‘Bhagwat Gita’ - by not bothering about the result. Because action in right path (of non-violent approach to Kashmir problem) is bound to result in a satisfactory solution to all involved and concerned (under huge pressure of international community in addition to pressure from the people of India and Pakistan). (6)- On Indian side of border / LOC the human rights friendly Indians (including from J&K) will provide elaborate social services including tents/ Langar / first-aid etc for the benefit of people who will assemble at border / Loc for courting arrest (same can be done in Pakistani / POK side too by POK branch of to-be-launched NGO of Malik). (7)- Therefore Malik should immediately take a press-conference for informing the people (national and international) about his new HRNGO and its activities for Kashmir solution and should call-off ‘Bandh’ / strike given by separatists and should start mobilizing people from both sides of Border / LOC (through this HRNGO) in order to carry-out non-violent march to Muzaffarabad etc and to Srinagar etc by crossing Border / LOC (and even courting arrest by at-least ~ 3 million people) in the interest of finding Kashmir solution without any further delay. Malik (once this HRNGO is registered) should also in Indian side start mobilizing funds in a transparent manner (not only from Kashmir or for that matter from rest of J&K but) from all over India to carry-out this march to Muzaffrabad etc. It is hoped that Yasin Malik will rise to the occasion and will reap the dividends of chosen non-violent path. The People of Indo-Pak region will remember Malik forever, if he solves Kashmir problem through Gandhian technique of non-violence, generally as mentioned above. Regards Hem Raj Jain (Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’) Bengaluru, India

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