Congratulation BREXIT! UK can count on India for ‘Realized CW’- U.P. election will be game changer

By : Hem Raj Jain

Dear Editor Sub:- Now People of UK should take interest in ‘Common Wealth Party’ of India and its electoral activities in U.P etc. ---- It is a matter of great pleasure that UK has voted for BREXIT through June, 23 referendum for which I was also mobilizing public opinion in UK by writing letter to politicians, political commentators, Journalists, media, academicians etc of UK by sending them . Every talk (of UK likely to suffer economically etc by leaving EU) is absurd rather (in addition to politically, strategically and militarily) economically also UK will benefit immensely by Realizing Common Wealth (CW) and UK can count on India for Realizing CW. Hence at the same time I have been contacting people in U.P. etc (with good response) to launch or by transforming existing party into national “Common Wealth Party’ (CWP, with its labor trade union front and student federation cell) and in other States (including Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa, Manipur, going to election in 2017). This CWP will support federal structure where all civil matters (including natural resources) will be with member States and only martial matters will be with Union / Federal government of this Realized CW. Immediately after launch of this CWP seven writ petitions will be filed by CWP in Supreme Court regarding (i)- Legally expected restoration of Status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid (ii)- Query about retrieve of POK in the interest of removal of AFSPA from J&K (iii)- Identification, tracking and deportation of illegal immigrants, mainly from Bangladesh (iv)- Quashing of discriminatory Reservation Policy (v) Delhi 1984 & Gujarat 2002 riots about section 130 & 131 Cr.P.C. (vi)- Constitutional obligation about Public debt under Article 292 & 293 (vii)- Recovery of Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion tax out of black money (declared illegally as agricultural income to avoid tax). This CWP (as essential condition of any democracy) will expect people to take the responsibility of the institutions of health & education. Hence CWP will endeavor to bring (in first stage) the institution of health under people’s control through modified ESI system [where in addition to government’s the representatives of employees and employers (from every sector) will be in management and first appellate tribunal nominated by employers will be there to check if doctors of ESI are unnecessarily recommending medical leave to employees with second appellate body nominated by government]. This CWP is bound to win elections in U.P. and other coming elections in India. Because the victory of this CWP in U.P. election will be game changer in the ultimate interest of Realizing CW, the people of UK should take keen interest in to-be-launched this ‘Common Wealth Party’ of India and its electoral activities in U.P. (and in other States). Moreover not only UK but other 52 CW member countries should also think that if CW was not meant to be realized someday then what is the point in keeping CW, in some form, alive thus far. Regards Hem Raj Jain (Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’) Bengaluru, India

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