Help my family; A Pakistani Christian asylum seeker appeals

By : Shakeela Samuel

My name is Shakeela Samuel; we’re from Pakistan I'm currently living in Malaysia with my husband and 3 children. We left Pakistan due to extreme religious persecution, and terrorist attacks on our churches we had to run for our life. We fled persecution to believe that Malaysia will be a new start and will be sympathetic to our plight. But unfortunately this country doesn’t seem to accept us either. In Pakistan we were afraid of getting persecuted, of being arrested, of being killed and here in Malaysia I'm afraid for my children, because if you get sick or fall, no one is here to help you. I'm struggling to buy things for my children. Last Christmas my daughter, who is 22 years old was taken by the local NGO to a doctor and we found out that she has ‘rheumatic fever', we couldn't get the full treatment because we can't afford it, we need your help to get resettled so my daughter can have access to full treatment. Living here is difficult because due to our origin country people don't want to be friend with us. It is hard to fit in because we don't know the local language sometimes its hard to even get groceries from the shop. We are living a desperate life & know we can't even go back to Pakistan, here we are dying and there (in Pakistan) we were dying in different ways. I can't see my children suffer anymore. Because In the past week my husband (Saleem) had a heart attack due to high stress level, constant fear of persecution and long working hours, he spent 4 days in hospital. There are still some tests Doctor has asked us to do, those tests are quite expensive and are only available at few hospitals in the main city, as on our current identity situation we don't have the facilities to get those tests done. Because getting resettled is the only way my husband can get his full treatment. It’s getting really hard for my family to survive mentally and physically. It’s hard to fit in due to local language barrier and people don't befriend with us due to our country of origin and instead call us names and try to humiliate us, I hope you understand. My work is very far, I go to work by bus, sometimes I don't even have the money to take the bus so I've to stay at home. Life for us is like floating on water, we have no hope to return back and we can't be permanent resident in Malaysia either, we don't belong anywhere. If we got resettled 'we will be 'Reborn' Please help us, I've been writing to other organisation and churches out there but no one has replied back, my family needs urgent help. I hope God will use you for our help, I will be waiting for your positive reply thank you and God bless you. Sincerely, Shakeela Samuel

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