Hem Raj Jain writes open letter to Senator John McCain

By : Hem Raj Jain

To Your Goodness John McCain United States Senator Sub:- An open letter in the interest of solving humanitarian crises including refugee crises in Syria (and later on in NAME) -- Your Goodness ( YG) being in public life, I take the liberty of reproducing relevant part of your reply of February 10, 2016 to my letter about global refugee crises. In said reply YG said - “[Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing their homes in the North Africa Middle East (NAME) to escape growing violence and unrest in the region. The vast majority of these refugees are from Syria, a country which has known little but death and destruction for four years. As Bashar al-Assad and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL / ISIS) fight to rule, cruelty and atrocity reign. Since 2011, well over 200,000 have been killed, one million injured, eight million displaced, and four million forced to seek refuge abroad. While they are risking their lives to escape the threat of abduction, sexual abuse, torture, and murder, they face an entirely new set of threats on this desperate journey for asylum. Many are navigating unsafe routes, suffering from starvation, facing the threat of human trafficking, and enduring debilitating psychological trauma.]” YG further said - “[Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's brutal slaughter of innocent men, women, and children is the cause of the refugee crisis, which has led to hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding into Europe and causing such consternation in the United States. We must address the root cause of this crisis by ending the conflict in Syria and adopting a comprehensive strategy capable of defeating ISIL / ISIS and bringing stability and security to the region that will prevent the further displacement of their populations. The conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, and elsewhere in the NAME that have taken the lives of countless of desperate refugees are not only a crisis of conscience, but a serious threat to our safety and national security. This is why we must undertake stronger measures to stem the flow of refugees, prevent the radicalization of refugee populations, and bring stability and economic opportunity to the region.]” The purpose of my writing this open letter to YG is related to what YG further rightly said - “[There is plenty that could have been done over the last four years to avoid the devastation currently wreaking havoc in the region, and there is still more that we can do today to respond to this growing crisis. The longer this violence goes on, the more difficult it will be to bring it to an end. We cannot ignore the millions of refugees fleeing merely to survive. But taking in refugees will not solve the problem. We must commit to a strategy to defeat the malign forces in the region that are propagating chaos and mass destruction. It is not too late, but failing to act now will leave us with even fewer options to rectify this terrible chapter in our history.]” YG, I also believe it is not too late and we must do something to rectify the situation for which I submit the following for your kind consideration in view of given below:- (1)- Syrian problem has yet not been solved because so far everyone and every organization and every country has tried to solve it with the use of only military power but no one has used social / humane power for solving this problem especially which has an element of Shia - Sunni fight too. It is not merely ISIS, now Russia & Assad regime too have become hurdle in peace process by flouting December 18, 2015 UN resolution. Russia (with the support of Shia Iran, Iraq, Lebanon of Hezbollah) first by intervening militarily on September 30, 2015 in Sunni majority Syria and then by increased military offensive ironically after UN December 18 resolution in Aleppo etc. (with enhanced humanitarian crises) has further exacerbated Shia - Sunni fight. Hence without putting adequate number of committed people on ground (the human right volunteers who have moral influence on both Shias and Sunnis) the problem in Syria will not be solved. As per global norms of military, paramilitary and police personnel in any country even in troubled times in Syria the required number of Human Rights Volunteers (HRVs) in a country of ~ 22 million will be less than 1 % which is maximum two hundred thousand. (2)- YG is known all over the world for working tirelessly for last so many years for bringing succor to Syria / NAME. Hence it will go a long way in solving the problem in Syria if YG announces publicly that YG (through any existing Syrian Refugee Help Human Rights NGO or new SRHHRNGO under your leadership and control) will go to Syria with adequate number of committed HRVs for assisting UN to ensure free and fair elections in Syria as per UN December, 18 Syria Resolution. (3)- In order to make this mission of SRHHRNGO feasible and economically viable following can be done:- (i)- This SRHHRNGO should be registered with United Nations so that whatever help and assistance (including financial) can be got from UN (for assisting UN to ensure elections in Syria as per December, 18 UN resolution) can be availed of. (ii)- Philanthropists and Philanthropic organizations all over the world (and governments) can be appealed to contribute generously to SRHHRNGO. For this first Philanthropists and Philanthropic organizations of USA can be approached. If YG considers it useful then I can come to USA to assist YG in contacting Philanthropists and Philanthropic organizations of USA (iii)- This SRHHRNGO can appeal to HRVs from all over the world to become part of HRV team of ~ 200,000 HRVs who will work for Syria solution. If YG considers it useful then I humbly submit that myself with the help of my friends can (within a time period of 60 days) easily mobilize ~200,000 HRVs for Syria from India (Hindus, Muslims etc). Here it is in context to add that India is functioning secular democracy of ~ 1.25 Billion people with background of non-violence (as State policy) for thousands of years hence involvement of HRVs from India will be crucial for solving human rights crises in Syria (and later in entire NAME region) (iv)- If YG still considers it better to mobilize Muslim volunteers from India (both Shias and Sunnis) so that they can being more effective pressure on violent Jihadis in Syria (ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc and their associates) then I have many Muslim friends in India who are committed to human rights and through them we can easily mobilize ~ 200,000 Muslim (both Shia and Sunni) HRVs for Syria. (4)- Russia and Iran (leader of Shias) will see reason and will cooperate in bringing peace to Syria for the purpose of ensuring elections as per UN December, 18 UN Syria Resolution. In case otherwise then HRVs of SRHHRNGO can organize mass protest in Moscow and Tehran to constrain their governments to see reason. (5)- For chalking-out the program of mobilizing ~ 200,000 HRVs (including and especially from India) It will be best if YG can come to India for detailed discussion. However if YG considers it better then I can also come to USA to discuss it personally with YG. It is hoped Your Goodness will pursue above mentioned out-of-box solution by using non-violent Human Rights volunteers of your NGO (may be new SRHHRNGO) in the interest of bringing succor to tens of millions of profusely bleeding and weeping people in Syria (and later on in entire NAME region). Regards Hem Raj Jain (Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’) Presently at

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