JDL's 4th Open Letter to the President of York University

By : Meir Weinstein

The Jewish Defence League is very concerned about a recent article in the official York University newspaper "Excalibur" http://ow.ly/Ybvk6 . 100 active and retired faculty signed a letter defending the antisemitic mural displayed in the Student Center. The Jewish Defence League has received reports from Jewish Students that have been bullied by certain faculty members and made to feel as second class members of York University. The following is a list of your faculty members that have defended the anti-Semitic mural: Greg Albo, Sabah Alnasseri, Amélie Barras, Ranu Basu, Jon Peter Baturin, Dawn Bazely, Margaret Beare, Jody Berland, Carol Bigwood, Malcolm Blincow (ret.), Deborah Brock, Barbara Cameron, Eduardo Canel, Sheila Cavanagh, David Cecchetto, Lily Cho, SD Chrostowska, George Comninel, Alison Crosby, Raju Das, Tania Das Gupta, Nancy Davis Halifax, Stephan Dobson, Barbara Evans, Caitlin Fisher, Henryk Flakierski (ret.), Scott Forsyth, Liette Gilbert, Amanda Glasbeek, Luin Goldring, John Greyson, Ricardo Grinspun, Shubhra Gururani, Ratiba Hadj-Moussa, Laam Hae, Judy Hellman, Steve Hellman, Craig Heron, Hernan Humana, Pablo Idahosa, Susan Ingram, Stanley Jeffers (ret.), Jan Kainer, Ilan Kapoor, Eva Karpinski, Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston, Joseph Keeping, Kamala Kempadoo, Stefan Kipfer, Sailaja Krishnamurti, Sam Lanfranco (ret.), Nick Lary (ret.), Robert Latham, Yam Lau, Louis Lefeber (ret.), Nina Levitt, Carla Lipsig-Mumme, Brenda Longfellow, Elizabeth Lunstrum, Meg Luxton, Robert MacDermid, Terry Maley, Alina Marquez, Patricia McDermott, Wendy McKeen, David McNally, Jacinthe Michaud, Radhika Monghia, Esteve Morera, Arun P. Mukherjee, Karen Murray, Natasha Myers, Nancy Nicol, Michael Nijhawan, Anne O'Connell, Deborah Orr, Leo Panitch, Viviana Patroni, Patricia Perkins, Nalini Persram, Dennis Pilon, Justin Podur, Geoffrey Reaume, Ester Reiter (ret.), Anders Sandberg, Leslie Sanders, John Saul (ret.), Jamie Scott, James Sheptycki, Nicola Short, John Simoulidis, Lisa Sloniowski, David Spring (ret.), Penni Stewart, Martha Stiegman, Mark Thomas, Andy Weaver, Sandra Whitworth, Leslie Wood, Anna Zalik This is the 4th letter the Jewish Defence League has sent to your office regarding antisemitism at York University and we have so far not received any response from your office. The Jewish Defence League is calling on your office to investigate anti-Semitism from faculty members past and present. Jewish students on your campus should never have to feel like second class or less. Please respond to our concerns. Thank you, Meir Weinstein National Director Jewish Defence League of Canada

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