Open letter to Indian Churches

By : Hem Raj Jain

To Your Holiness / Dear Sir / Dear Madam Indian Churches Sub:- Indian Christianity can show the way to bring succor to mankind through PARTICIPATORY philanthropy. -- I am an Indian citizen and a permanent resident (green card holder) of USA hence will be living for more than six months in USA. I am deeply disturbed by the international disturbances especially emanating from Islamic terrorism originating from North Africa and Middle East (NAME) region and South Asia (Indo-AF-PAK region), which has left millions of people bleeding and weeping profusely. At the same time communal-ism of Hindus in India (against Muslims, Christians and Sikhs) has also been contributing in this gory state of affairs as mentioned in my open letter to President of India Apart from violence through terrorism and communal-ism poverty too in these regions is making the lives of majority of the people of these regions miserable. I believe this sorry state of affairs is for the simple reason that Christianity (known for its human rights friendly values and under obligation to proselytize) has left Islam and Hinduism to do whatever they want, to keep its followers in medieval mindset and there is no competition to Islam and Hinduism worth the name from Christianity. Presently as the situation is, only the Christianity can instill human rights friendly modern and progressive values in the people of these regions (avoiding conversion in the first stage as it unnecessarily invokes hostilities). This can easily be done if Indian Christianity takes the lead to launch participatory philanthropic institutions (PPI) for health and education in India then it can be expanded in other countries also. [PPI is especially suitable for democracy with capital from charity (like in limited companies / corporations as shareholders) and revenue from fees from beneficiaries on no profit no loss basis]. Here it is in context to add that:- (1)- Indian Christianity has to kick start these PPI and then people of India from all religions from all over the country (urban and rural) will join it as shareholders of these PPI. (2)- First the PPI for health should be started which will easily become economically viable by launching Medical-tourism where patients from other countries [economically humble persons from rich western countries (especially from USA) where health care is prohibitively costly] will come to India for treatment / operations etc in these PPI in India. (3)- These PPI will get contributions (through shares) from all over the world and will be able to open its branches in other countries too. (4)- For these Indian PPI to-be started by your goodness, I shall be able to assist (through my social service) :- (i)- In getting monetary contributions (shares) from USA etc for this PPI (ii)- In removing any legal hurdle (through UN at New York with the help of US Government, US Congressmen etc) so that international character of these PPI (regarding monetary contribution and opening of branches in other countries) is ensured (iii)- In ensuring (through human rights enforcing mechanism of UN) that these PPIs are not subjected to violence and instead work peacefully (even while proselytizing in second stage) in India and in other countries (iv)- In getting patients from USA etc through medical-tourism for this PPI If your goodness is interested in above mentioned then I am prepared to come any where in India to further discuss this matter with your goodness. Regards Hem Raj Jain Presently at - Bengaluru, India email:, CC: - for taking interest in global philanthropy, to :- (i)- US Churches (ii)- US Veterans (iii)- US Academicians (iv)- US Ambassadors (v)- US Media (vi)- Indian media

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