Pakistani Christians will continue to suffer unless change strategy to get justice

By : Hem Raj Jain

Dear Editor Pakistan Christian Post Sub:- Pakistani Christians will continue to suffer unless change strategy to get justice Dear Sir refers to article ‘Why Christians are fleeing Pakistan?’ by Nasir Saeed. Such articles and news reports in your media about atrocities on Christians of Pakistan have appeared earlier also but nothing has improved so far which is not surprising because leaders of Pakistani Christians have adopted ineffective strategy for getting justice. If Pakistani Christians really want relief then they should do the following:- (1)- First and foremost Pakistani Christians like Christians of North Africa and Middle East (NAME) region should understand that they are suffering because they are Christian minority living in bigoted and violent Muslim countries. Therefore they will get relief only when they constrain (and not merely mobilize) the global leaders of Christianity to take serious and effective interest to solve the problems of these beleaguered Christians in such Muslim countries. (2)- For this the Pakistani Christians should launch, as per laws of USA, a registered lobbying forum “Minority Christians Human Rights Forum’ (MCHRF or any other suitable name) with head office at New York (the seat of UN) and branch offices in countries wherever needed. (3)- The MCHRF first of all (by way of demonstrations, protests, media coverage, seminars etc) should make life of religious leaders of Christians (all over the world wherever they matter) uncomfortable for neglecting the cause of these beleaguered Christians (of Pakistan, NAME etc). (4)- The MCHRF (along with thus mobilized religious leaders of Christianity) should then constrain heads of governments of Christian majority countries (including four permanent members of UN) and their representatives at UN to mobilize UN to constitute a commission which will go into all the cases of atrocities and injustices to beleaguered Christians in Pakistan and NAME - with a provision of even armed forces at the disposal of this UN Commission for the purpose of enforcing the orders and decrees of this UN Commission in the interest of justice to these beleaguered Christians in such Muslim countries. Pakistani Christians think it will be beneficial and in order then I am prepared to assist (by going and living anywhere in USA or in any other country) in getting MCHRF registered at New York and in ensuring that MCHRF is seen to realize its said objectives within a time period of maximum one year so that Christian minorities especially in these bigoted Muslim countries can live peaceful life with dignity by enjoying all their human rights as enshrined in ICCPR of UN. Regards Hem Raj Jain (Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’) Presently at Edina - MN, USA.

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