An Open Letter to UNO Secretary General and PM of Pakistan

By : Ashfaq Sharif

Being a Muslim followers I strongly condemns Jacobabad, Bolan blasts recent attacks in Sindh and Balochistan provinces — including the one in Jacobabad — and also offered condolences to the families of victims. A powerful suicide blast ripped through a Muharram procession in Jacobabad city of Sindh, killing 22 people, mostly children, and injuring more than 40 others. LEJ accept the responsibility but they are worse than animal and doing all evil acts to disturb the Muharram procession to proof they are beloved of YAZID’S and WAHABI blind followers. In another incident of terrorism on Thursday, a suicide attacker blew himself outside an Imambargah in Bolan district of Balochistan, killing at least 10 people and injuring 12 others. Pakistan has a history of attacks on religious processions in Islamic holy month of Muharram, especially on 9th and 10th of the month, to oblige their evil BIG BOSS and get reward or ticket to go to heaven by short cut way? All these elements consider not human beings but worse than PIGS. It is a sweet dream when our Govt clean all dirty eggs of LEJ, TTP those who are responsible for conducting suicide attack and none of Pakistan saved from them, what reason those elements giving Financial support, training their terrorists to encourage their evil cause and weak our country economy, perhaps Govt is not sincere first to catch the real culprits terrorist leaders and later give example punishment ( hang ) but sorry to say many times listen arrest the most wanted terrorists that time make photo session but later on no one knew what happen to arrest terrorists. Pakistan is considering HEAVEN of terrorists make as much crime and killing innocent without fear of arrest and punishment. Only condolences are not enough. Pakistan needs to provide security to all religious processions. How long will you offer condolences Mr Ban ki Moon? We are fed up with our Govt not able to provide security to even our religious procession. Shia’s perhaps not saved when conduct their religious activities that time what PAIN getting Wahhabi cum Yazadi’s followers? What happen to those who worked to disturb or stop the AZADARI there are countless evil people who died but no one remembering them but I am point out a few (CRUEL RULER) to open your closed eyes still time to come on right path of HUSSAIN’S otherwise YOU will remain with Yazadi’s forever. 1. Shah of Iran 2. Saddam Hussain 3. Zia-ul-Haq Who still remember and how many going to their graves? Perhaps people have forgotten all of them due to their cruel way of ruling the country. I must say one thing no one have courage or succeed to stop the AZADARI of Imam Hussain AS due to Dua of Hazrat Fatima Zehra SA and plus God promise, see how many people doing Azadari of Imam Hussain AS not only of Pakistan but from Norway, Australia, Canada, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, India, Singapore, UK, USA. Why WAHBAI terrorist active in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria for killing innocents People but the question is who is support, giving finance, giving training to rebellion who are working specially working in SYRIA and Iraq, God when you will destroy all sort of terrorism including people who are working directly or indirectly for evil cause so other human being saved. Thanking You Yours faithfully (Ashfaq Sharif) Karachi, PAKISTAN

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