Dear Nazir s Bhatti


I am very happy to get your email response my introduction on your web site. Actually, I just want to know the Pakistan situation, and the Christian community there. Because I am the secretary of Indonesian Chrisian Party (Partai Kristen Indonesia) chapter province of North Sulawesi. I really happy when I read the news in web site. You are right about the situation of christians in Indonesia needs more attention of international community.

As you know, we found several people (muslim) from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Arab came to indonesia and participated with laskar jihad (muslim militia), created a war in Maluku, Ambon, Poso, basis on jihad, killing christian followers, burning churches while they are shouting Allahu Akbar. This group has founded by fundamental islam movement from Middle east. The worst thing, our political leaders which mayority and some of military playing in this situation. For example, in the Poso (center Sulawesi, early December 2001) when the fast month this group praying together (shalat), after that they are attack to the christian villages. The military and the police just close their eyes.

The government take the action only after the UN and Pope warning the Indonesian governmet to pay attention the situation in Poso. But, all the christian villages was already burned, churches already destroy.

Thousand of christian followers being refugees in Manado (North Sulawesi). So that I agree with you. It is very important to have connection and network with international community. I also take the great opportunity to be team members to accept your request. If you have any procedures and if I have ID Card let me know.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you

Regards Christy Manarisip

This is my Id : Name, Christy Manarisip (male) Born in Manado June 29, 1965 Address Jalan A Yani no. 10 Manado, North Sulawesi Indonesia Tel. 62 431 850556 Mobile 62 812 441 5298 Religion Christian Protestan

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