Arguments about Terrorism Act In Pakistan

By : Michael james

Respected Mr Nazir,

Today It was a day of great mourning for the Christians of Pakistan on this tragic and wrost form of terrorism by the muslims of Pakistan.I frist of all convey my condolances to the families and friends of the deceaseds and strongly condem this act of terrorism aganist the Christians.

I further urge the government of Pakistan to take immedate steps apprehend the culprits,bring them to justice and also take neccessary steps to ensure the safety of the christian community.

I know that i am demanding all these just in vain because i am sure that like the past nothing will be done by the authorties because they are helpless in front of these fanatics,therefore i suggest to them that they should confess their failure to protect minorties of the country.

The saddest part of the story is that the President of the country, like past is trying to link the incident with the forgien hands.I pity him for being so blind and mindl! ess to give such a statement to the media,i feel sorry for him that he does not have the courage to say the very evident truth that it is an attack by the muslims of Pakistan who are siding with the terrorist Talbians.

If we look in the history of the of pakistani christians we will see that they have always been considered as forgeinrs or agents of USA and ENGLAND,therefore seeking any help or mercey from these people is like living in fools paradise.

Today through you i want to convey this message to my christian brothers and sisters in pakistan that now it is high time that we should bow before these children of satan,we should stand firm and fight for the safety and rights of our community.I also want to request the christian leadership in the politics and church that they should forget the personal differences,get united on one platform and become the good shepreds of these lamps of JESUS CHRIST.

I am sure that my this humble request will! make its way into the minds and hearts of my people besause i must inform you that this is the only way to survive in a country where the law of the jungle prevails.

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