Killing of Christians in Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

By : Mr Samuel Asif

The Pakistani Christian communities in Great Britain were deeply shocked and saddened by the massacre of Christian worshippers by Muslims on the 28th of October 2001 in the city of Bahawalpur in Pakistan.

Many Christian families living in Britain are directly hit by this atrocity and are grieving the loss of their loved ones. Mr Samuel Asif, the warden of the Anglican parish church of St Alban's in Attercliffe, Sheffield, is devasted by the brutal and cold-blooded murder of his younger brother, the Reverend Emmanuel Allah- Ditta, who was conducting the worship on that tragic day in St Dominic's church in Bahawalpur. His wife suffered bullet wounds but fortunately escaped. Reverend Emmanuel died with faith in Christ and let him and those who also perished be remembered as martyrs for years to come.

Over the past 3 weeks, the Christian community in Bahawalpur, in particular, were receiveing vicious death threats and although it was reported to the authorities concerned, they failed to provide adequate and competent security, which is clearly evident on that tragic day. The Christians living in Great Britain strongly feel that the voice of the Pakistani Christians is not being heard and we pray that measures should be taken by the international community to make sure that Christians in Pakistan are protected as they a small minority and are very much vulnerable to more barbaric attacks.

Before opening fire, the gunmen shouted "A Graveyard for Christians - in Pakistan and Afghanistan" and this is clearly a threat of genocide of Christians and we urge President Musharaf to bring these killers to justice and to not allow a repeat of this inhumane attack on the Christian community in Pakistan. This terrible act has left many families of the victims without any income, home and hope for the future. Therefore, we appeal for ethical, moral and prayerful support from the British people for the families of the victims and the Christian community in general in Pakistan.

Mr Samuel Asif
Church Warden,
St Alban's Church, Sheffield.
Tel - 0114 2441875

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