Sorrow for the deaths of christians


Hello,Mr SALIM How r u?I read your news paper on the net, and was filled with sorrow for the needless and unfortunate deaths of my christian brothers in pakistan.It is a shame for these pakistani muslims to perscute those christians are the orginal creators of pakistan,if our christian memberwould not have sided with the QUAID E AZAM today there would have been no PAKISTAN. I recall from the history of Pakistan and from the speeches made by the leaders of pakistan movement that PAKISTAN willbe a secular state with tolerance for all the religions races and people but today i persume that these MUSLIMS who claims to be the owners and inhertiors of PAKISTAN have forgotten the historical fact. I want to remind them that CHRISTIANTY and CHRISTIANS are superior to ISLAM and MUSLIMS(as said by thier own very Holy Prophet in the Quran) therefore it mandantory for them to respect us but i feel that how can! they respect any other religion when they don,t have respect for their own socalled ture and only just religion in this universe.SO to expect a favourable or moderate behaviour from these fanatics is like living in a fools paradise.We have to unite aganist them and fight them with all the resources at our hand pray to GOD to grant us success over these ANTI-CHRIST elements.I would like you to coney my heart felt condolances to the families of the deceaseds. THANKS and all the best.

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