Bishop of Faisalabad Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph Arshad speaks for PCP with FS Bhatti


FS Bhatti (PCC): What is need of Pakistani Christian right now?
Bishop of Faisalabad, Joseph Arshad: First of all, Christian need education, strong faith in Christ to stand on Christian values to set up their recognition as true Christian and good citizen of Pakistan. Then we can show Christ’s image and character in our lives within social sectors.
FS Bhatti (PCC): What Christian Youth should play role right now?
Bishop of Faisalabad, Joseph Arshad: Christian Youth is the inheritance of Christianity. Youth must come forward to show their abilities, talents and God’s gifts to promote human values and they must have Christ’s teaching in their lives to show tolerance, brotherly love, forgiveness and their self-respect and importance in society.
When they will have courage to stand on their feet, they will promote their families, Aklesia (congregation’s moral values and Christ’s image) and country to lift up image of Pakistan in eyes of World.
FS Bhatti (PCC): What is our role in development of Pakistan?
Bishop of Faisalabad, Joseph Arshad: Pakistan is our country; we are in prayer for progress of Pakistan. We pray for each department that is under downfall. May Father God bless Pakistan and eradicate all evil roots that are cause of destruction and downfall of Pakistan.
FS Bhatti (PCC): What is role of other nations in peace and interfaith harmony?
Bishop of Faisalabad: We, all Pakistani Christian are with other nations in hardships, difficulties, crisis, even protests against terrorism, any kind of injustice, cold wars and civil wars of country. We tolerate all hardship and difficulties with all other nations as humble and good citizen of Pakistan.
FS Bhatti (PCC): Why you have chosen peace and interfaith harmony work?
Bishop of Faisalabad, Joseph Arshad: I chose “Slogan of peace and hope” for specific purpose that every human especially need peace, love, harmony in our country Pakistan. In this bitterness and disharmony situation when our country is going through terrorism and crisis. There is no hope and peace in whole country.
When human will live with peace, hope and kindness with brotherly love, Peace will come in hearts and minds of people, then disharmony and unrest will remove from their hearts and minds. Pakistan will grow and progress in heights.
FS Bhatti (PCC) What is cause of unrest in hearts and minds?
Bishop of Faisalabad, Joseph Arshad: If all nations will live together with passion of brotherly love, kindness, tolerance and forgive each other. A human do mistakes, human is not perfect, human can not come up on standard of religions and spirituality perfectly. A human should always try to make happy God and His people. Then our country which is in problems then they will come out from darkness and will progress abundantly.
Mostly people are living in disturbance and problems. They need hope and peace in this situation. If we will work together then we will bring them out who are walking in darkness. We pray for all Pakistani. They may work for peace, hope, salvation and restoration of Pakistan. Then our country will come forward on path of development and peace from depth of darkness, discriminations, prejudices, disharmony, disturbances and problems.
FS Bhatti (PCC): What we must have spiritual discernment?
Bishop of Faisalabad, Joseph Arshad: Mostly people did not give attention to spiritual standards but they give much attention to flesh matters, selfishness, greed and religious boundaries. All human should give attention to spiritual insight and personal spiritual development because God loves all human.

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