Bashir Masih, a Pakistani Christian businessman in France is our "Hope"


(Mr. Anthony Naveed will be writing special column for Pakistan Christian Post PCP with heading of "HOPE" about business personalities from Pakistani Christians in Western countries. Its first contribution of Mr. Anthony Naveed column for PCP)
HOPE “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” ¯ Chris Bradford
In Pakistan, it is un-doubted that youth of Pakistani Christians are deeply disappointed due to the social and political status of Christians in Pakistan. While looking their surrounding it is darkness everywhere; So Pakistan Christian Post has decided to introduce the successful business personalities of Pakistani Christians world wide for the reason that “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”
By the name of ‘HOPE’; It is aimed to share the ups-down of their struggle and achievements as role model. We do believe that it will surely give a fresh breath to our hapless youth to work hard and learn from their experiences.
So, as first exclusive interview, glade to introduce Mr. Bashir Masih. He is based in France since 1982. In 1949, not in a very famous village of Tehseel Samandri, district Faisalabad, a farmer’s family blessed by a boy named Bashir Masih. He has passed his basic education from the local schools and then done technical and professional educations from Chaklala. He has started his professional career with a normal Pakistani. He served various companies in Pakistan, Masqat, Saudi Arabia and Dubai.
Mr. Bahir Masih, is visionary person, he was not satisfied with his present and deeply concern about the situation of Christians of Pakistan. He felt the he can do a lot in the life but he given chances.So in 1982, he moved to France with his life partner Mrs. Shabeena Gill. In new world and had so many challenges which was faced with this couple. With encouragement and support of his life partner, they keep going diligently to their vision to become a successful business personality with strong finical status of their organization.
He has full confidence on his abilities therefore decided do his own business rather to do job and serve for others. With very nominal amount he has developed his organization and started business in the filed of metal scrape.
After some time while travelling on the road of experience now he is successful business man in recycling industry. He is running his organization with highly skilled in International Business Management and trained to work in the global recycling industry of ferrous / non-ferrous, electric / electronic, and all type of plastic material.Their organization is supplying scrap material from France to major Asian countries, especially India, China, Pakistan and UAE.
Furthermore the do arrange the Pre-shipment Inspection and documentation of recycling materials exporting from France to ensure the goods meet the requirement of Exporting country Environmental Protection Standards.
By the Grace of God, they have reached their initial target and they are Thankful to Lord Jesus Christ that now their turn over in Millions Euros. Further with proud would like to share here that their organization is the top exporting firm from Marseille port since 2011 in the aforementioned category.
Mr. Bashir Masih, is very much worried about Pakistani Christian Youth and keeping in view the circumstances would like to share that business can be started with small amount it needs your full motivation and commitment with your goals.
He is agreed that it is quite difficult for our youth to get comfort for proving your self in Pakistan but we do not loose the hope and must get formal education and also focus on the technical and professional as well. He mentioned that only education is our key to successes.
He has offered to exchange his experties for any Christian in the field of recycling and scrape business.He is ready to provide guide line of students interested in recycling industry.
Mr. Bashir Masih has appreciated an idea of Pakistan Christian Post to introduce the business personalities. He added that it will really HOPE for our people and strongly urge to build a coordination among overseas Pakistani Christian business community and self employed personalities.

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