Killing of Christian girls Shazia and Kiran during International Women’s Day are sad incidents. Shareen Azeem


Holland: March 17, 2010 (PCP Reports) Mrs. Shareen Azeem, Chairman, Women wing of Worship Warriors Netherlands in an exclusive interview to Pakistan Christian Post showed her grieves and sadness on repeated incidents with Christian Women specially Shazia Bashir (Minor Girl) and Kiran George who burnt alive very recent past in Pakistan.
Mrs. Shareen mentioned, its really heartbreaking that an innocent daughters of Eve are killed and murdered even daily and no one is there to fight for their rights practically. It has been observed that everyone is doing as their job as time being or to show up but no practical steps have been taken by the Police, Government, Judiciary, NGOs, Society to bring the murderers and accused not only to true justice but also to avoid such incidents in future.
At first step, when victim's family approaches to police seeking help and justice, Police shows their hands tied up and eyes closed, despite having authorities and powers to fulfill rules, laws and procedure described in Pakistani Law Books to give justice to the innocents purely on humanity grounds and not drawing the lines in between, Religion, Wealth, and many more.
Secondly, after all disappointments from the police, victim's families knock on the door of Government, than role of Government comes up with price of life as an compensation to the victims family to hide their favoritism to the offenders.
At third step, Judiciary also closes their eyes to see facts and ears to hear truth and keep twisting rules according to own wish and desires by opening doors and to please accused even when they are involved in heinous offences and cases are pending against them under non bail able offences.
At fourth comes, NGOs working in all areas, NGOs after a short NOTES of condemnation on print and electronic media feel they have done all what they are responsible for and after no one even give a follow-up to their condemnation press releases.
At fifth comes Society, Role of Society is very clear to all of us as we all are part of it.
In all above mentioned circumstances, where women should go to ask protection, justice and honor???? This is a big question mark of mine to all readers.
On a question about women NGOs struggling for women Rights, Mrs. Shareen replied, Women NGOs and individuals are fighting more than our thoughts and available resources but being an Asian, they are in male dominated society and some times they feel themselves paralyzed despite having all strength, knowledge, power and desired to shake the world for their rights and justice to them.
Mrs. Shareen appreciated Media all over doing their job positively, by highlighting all facts and figures very truly and hope that support and role of Media will remain intact as is now.
About celebration of Women's Day, Mrs. Shareen replied in negative that even in Holland I have not heard any event was organized or any Urdu speaking or Pakistani women NGO exists.
PCP asked Mrs. shareen, she is also a President of a women wing, why they also remained quite on women's day about organizing of an event because some one to take first step to lead and rest will follow.
Worship Warriors Netherlands (WWN) and Women Wing of WWN is very young and is still in process of its establishment. Even at this stage we are raising our voice for women rights all over and are we are sure in our WWN - WP - 201, celebration of women’s day will be listed and organized successfuly with the help of community and Media support said Shareen Azeem.
At end, Mrs. Shareen Azeem, expressed her thanks to PCP for allowing her to open her thoughts to community and to appeal "Ladies lets be united and build up a strong wall against the flood of injustice, disrespect, un protection, honor many more getting high and high against women each day. Be sure our Unity and Boldness surely give us joys of success and a milestone to create a fresh history and making ways to our next generation.
On behalf of Pakistan Christian Post, Parvez Iqbal, thanked Mrs. Shareen Azeem, President, Women Wing, Worship Warriors Netherlands for her time and boldness on media. PCP also assure their co-operation and in support for press coverage as and when asked.
PCP will broadcast this interview on video format very soon.

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