Blasphemy law is root cause of violence against Christians. George Murad


Mr. George Murad is a prominent Christian leader of Pakistani Christians Diaspora in US since 1999. We decided to meet and interview him for our readers to highlight his services for his community in Pakistan The volunteer services rendered by human right activists in busy life of USA become more valuable when majority of our leaders have adopted policy to meet visiting Pakistani officials and work on agenda of Pakistani missions here for small sum of cash.
Mr. George Murad was born in famous Christian village Khushpur in district Faisalabad in 1949. The studied in St. Paul’s High School Sargodha and later entered in Technical Institute Sargodha for further studies.
Mr. George Murad joined Caritas Pakistan in 1979, and worked in far flung areas to serve poor Pakistani Christians. His true and sincere community leadership provided him opportunity to work with Afghan Refugee Program where he served as Deputy Director. He stayed with Afghan Refugee till 1992. He went to Saudi Arabia and later moved to USA in 1999.
Mr. George Murad joined one Christian group after settling in USA but not agreed with their way of working which was not any benefit to Pakistani Christian in USA nor poor Christians in Pakistan. He decided to work for his persecuted community by a campaign of awareness.

Q: Do you think Christians have equal rights in Pakistan?
A: The Christians in Pakistan are not enjoying equal rights. I am firm that we must launch peaceful struggle for equal democratic rights for our community.
Q: Do you favor repeal of blasphemy law or revision in this law?
A: It is very controversial law in Pakistan which has been used against Christians in business rivalry and personal grudges by few Muslim groups. After legislation of this law in 1986, scores of Christians have been arrested under section 295 B and C PPC and many gunned down by hands of Islamic extremists or killed in jails. The recent wave of violence against Christians on accusations of blasphemy have undermined security of safety of life and property when hundreds of homes are set on fire and churches have been desecrated. Moreover, it was worst shape of humanity that Christian children, women and men were burnt alive in Pakistan which have sparked fear among Christians in Pakistan. I want to assure that Christians never defiled name of Holy Prophet Mohammad nor desecrated Holy Quran but such incident are planned to accuse Christians and persecute them. I will propose repeal of blasphemy law but if government faces any hindrance to seek majority vote for amendments, I will urge to legislate blasphemy on defiling name of Lord Jesus Christ and desecration of Holy Bible by any Muslim in Pakistan.
Q: Do you think your proposal to amend blasphemy law and to cover Christianity in this law will end violence in Pakistan?
A: It will create harmony in society and respect for other religions which shall prevent false accusations of blasphemy on Christians. It will also be easy for government to built consensus on issue in parliament for necessary amendments in law.
Q: What election system you support for Christians?
A: I preferred Joint Elections for Christians and campaigned for this. After implementation of Joint Electorate, the flaws in this system emerged after we practiced it. The Joint election system result in selection of few Christians who were forced to speak only on instructions of their party leaders. Therefore, I will demand Dual Voting rights for Christians in Pakistan.

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