Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters…

LLondon: Across the globe even in countries where Christians are a minority celebrations for Christmas can be seen through discount sales, Christmas trees and festive lights.  The celebrations have become more global in recent decades with even Pakistan having a Santa in trains and plan


Furious Judge may appoint public prosecutor to convict rapist of 6 year old child

London: (By Hannah Chowdhry) The defence council for the rapist of a 6 year old Christian child in Lahore, Pakistan failed to attend a court hearing on 2nd December 2021, for the sixth time.

During the hearing Judge Iftikhar Ahmed expressed great disappointment in the repeated failure f


Freedom may yet come for Pakistan’s longest serving blasphemy convict as BACA slowly extricates noose from around his neck

London: (By Hannah Chowdhry) We wrote about the impending death sentence for Zafar Bhatti.  This was being sought in Rawalpindi Sessions Court, by extremists intent on making the elderly Christian convict the first ever man lynched under the notorious blasphemy laws of Pakistan. &n


Teenager resurrects project to bring Jesus back to Ilford after beheading in 2018

London: (By Hannah Chowdhry) In 2017, an article in the Ilford Recorder calling for the return of a Christmas Nativity to Ilford, spurred teenager Hannah Chowdhry into action.  The article illustrated that people of other faiths wanted a similar introduction of a nativity. It was eviden


Christians Hold Vigil for Sri Lanka victim on lynching in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Today on10 Dec 2021 at press Hyderabad, SHADE organization conducted Candlelight Vigil. social activist, Advocates and women participated, Advocate Sooba Bhatti, Adv Suneel Shatroghan , pastor Aber , Adv Saleem Yousuf , Rana Perdeep Kumar , Nasir Raza, Victor Gulzar, HAFEEZ Bhatti, Mas


HRFP with GHRD and NMAP, PDF and networks observed Human Rights Day 2021 on “EQUALITY - Reducing inequalities, advancing human rights”

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) observed International Human Rights Day 2021 in collaboration with Global Human Rights Defense (GHRD), GHRTV, National Minorities Alliance Pakistan (NMAP) and Peace and Development Foundation (PDF) with civil society and stakeholders on UN theme of &


Pak-Christian asylum community fears another lockdown will result in starvation

London: The refugee and asylum seekers in Thailand were just beginning to recover from the latest COVID-19  lockdown in Bangkok, when the threat of the new Omicron variant emerged.

At the moment around 7000 cases of COVID-19 infections every day, which is worrying for the asyl


Grief-stricken mother dies after being coerced into compensation for murdered child

London: The mother of a murdered 10 year old who we supported for two years died of grief from being coerced into a compromise agreement for her murdered son.

Badil Masih was sodomised and murdered by his employer Mr Mohammed Ikram and a cohort, in July 2019, for daring to seek full pay


Justice for Christian man sodomised and killed by Muslim friends draws near

London: A 35 year old Christian labourer known to be a hard worker was killed by two Muslim neighbLours who burst his intestines by inserting high pressure air into his anus (click here).  Two other men were initially implicated in the murder but cases against them were dismissed, follo


Sri Lankan factory worker Lynched and burnt by Muslim mob for alleged blasphemy

London: A mob of infuriated Muslims lynched a Sri Lankan man named  Priyantha Kumara, who was working at a factory in Sialkot.

Violent Muslim mob revel in the action of burning body of alleged blasphemer

Priyantha Kumara was working as  a General Manager in


Zafar Bhatti Pakistan’s longest serving blasphemy victim may become first man killed under Pakistan’s infamous blasphemy laws!

London: Zafar Bhatti (56 yrs) has spent almost ten years of his life in Prison and has now become the longest serving blasphemy convict in Pakistan.

Several Christian charities have failed in freeing him from prison and Zafar Bhatti  has now turned to British Asian Christian A


News of Liverpool Terrorist attacker's ‘reconversion’ to Islam is no surprise.

London: We wrote about our concerns for the church after Police investigators became stumped by the motives of the Liverpool terrorist who unintentionally blew himself up in a taxi on Remembrance day (click here for recap). 

It is postulated that the terrorist was targeting the Rem


Baloch spring in Gwadar U.S. referendum against Pakistan, says Dr Tara Chand

WASHINGTON, DC: The Baloch American Congress (BAC) has lauded the popular uprising of the people of Gwadar against Pakistan state injustices and called it the Baloch spring which Islamabad will not be able to crush.

“For quite too long the people in Balochistan have silently suffe


HRFP condemned brutal murder of Sri Lankan Priyantha for falsely accusing of blasphemy:

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) condemned a horrific incident of Sialokot on 3 December 2021 where a man from Sri Lanka was beaten and burnt alive by mob for alleging blasphemous act.Naveed Walter, president of Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) said that Priyantha Kumara, 40s


Sri Lankan factory manager killed in Pakistan over blasphemy allegations

 London: A Sri Lankan factory manager in Pakistan has been beaten to death and set on fire by an Islamist mob over alleged blasphemy.

 The incident which took place in Sialkot, was described by Prime Minister Imran Khan as a “horrific vigilante attack”.


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