BACA Empowers Bomb Survivor Aleeza Masih (7 yrs) with Prosthetic Limb in Pakistan


London: (By Hannah Chowdhry and Juliet Chowdhry) Aleeza Masih, a resilient 7-year-old survivor of the brutal terrorist attack on Bethel Memorial Methodist Church in Quetta during advent 2017 (click here), is not only alive but thriving, thanks to the intervention of the British Asian Christian Association.

Aleeza was just 1.5 years old when the attack occurred during a nativity service, claiming the lives of nine innocent people and injuring 52 others.

Aleeza’s survival was attributed to the courage of volunteer Christian security officers. However, she suffered severe injuries, losing her right foot and sustaining damage to her bowels from shrapnel. Initial treatment at a public hospital was compromised, leading to life-threatening gangrene. BACA stepped in, transporting Aleeza to a private hospital in Karachi, where a second operation saved her life.

Due to her rapid growth, Aleeza requires a new prosthetic limb every six months for mobility and comfort. BACA is currently running an appeal to obtain a properly-sized limb for Aleeza in June, ensuring she continues to thrive despite the challenges she faces.

In a recent conversation with BACA’s operations manager, Ashiq Masih, Aleeza’s father expressed profound gratitude, emphasizing the crucial role Aleeza’s prosthetic limb plays in allowing her to live a normal life, attend church, and go to school.

Ashiq Masih, a Government College sweeper, faces financial constraints, making it impossible to afford Aleeza’s new limb every six months. BACA remains their lifeline, ensuring Aleeza continues to thrive.

BACA extends heartfelt gratitude to its generous donors who consistently provide the resources needed to support Aleeza and children like her, making a significant difference in their lives.

On September 28, Aleeza, accompanied by her father and elder sister, traveled to Karachi to receive her new prosthetic limb, expressing her happiness and gratitude to BACA for retaining her comfort in mobility.

Aleeza, now a 7-year-old 1st-grade student, actively participates in educational and extracurricular activities at a nearby public school. Despite the challenges, Aleeza lives a normal life, attending church and Sunday school, where she learns about the love of God that has wonderfully manifested itself in her life.

Ashiq Masih, expressing his gratitude, stated, “Life could have been different for Aleeza without BACA’s help. Now she lives a normal life like other children her age. I am thankful to BACA and their donors for helping Aleeza through all these years. God bless them abundantly.”

Twice a year, the British Asian Christian Association is tasked with procuring a limb for Aleeza. The creation of bespoke limbs and their fitting by medical experts entails significant expenses. Additionally, we bear the costs of travel, lodging, and subsistence for both Aleeza and a family member, facilitating their journey from Quetta to Karachi for each limb update. Your support is crucial in sustaining this effort. By contributing to our cause through our donation (link), you can actively participate in ensuring Aleeza’s continued access to the care she needs.

Juliet Chowdhry, Trustee for the British Asian Christian Association, expressed her admiration for Aleeza, stating, “I am incredibly impressed by Aleeza; she has demonstrated remarkable courage and bravery throughout her life. Her disability has never hindered her, and she has overcome every obstacle with grace. Aleeza, a devout child of God, engages in fervent daily prayer. Observing her walk, one would never guess she has lost a leg; she moves with grace and runs like a gazelle. She is a miraculous child, a testament to us all, demonstrating that great strides can be made even from the depths of adversity.”

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