London Protest Calls for Justice and Peace for Persecuted Christians in India and Pakistan


London: (By Hannah Chowdhry and Juliet Chowdhry) In a powerful demonstration of solidarity and compassion, a protest was held in London to raise awareness about the ongoing persecution of Christians in India and Pakistan.

The event, organized by a coalition of individuals and organizations, sought to draw attention to the alarming incidents of violence and discrimination faced by Christian communities in these countries.

The protesters gathered at the Pakistani High Commission and later proceeded to the Indian High Commission and 10 Downing Street, where they delivered petitions and heartfelt pleas for justice, peace, and safety for persecuted Christians.

The protest began at 11 am at the Pakistani High Commission, where a diverse group of speakers addressed the crowd. They passionately called for improved safety, peace, and justice for persecuted Christians while reflecting on recent attacks that have shaken the Christian community. One of the distressing incidents discussed was the burning of at least 26 churches and 100 homes in Jaranwala, near Faisalabad in Pakistan (click here).

The event commenced with worship led by Sally and Hammad Baily. Notably, most of the worship music was in English to ensure that the message of the protest was crystal clear – it was about Christian persecution and not a platform for any other agenda. The protest group has maintained a sense of goodwill within the local community, as there have been no complaints about their activities despite local people regularly bemoaning others (click here).

Nissar Hussain, a Christian who converted from Islam, shared his harrowing experience of 17 years of persecution in the UK after openly embracing Christianity (click here). He recounted an attack by three men with baseball bats that left him hospitalized for 11 days (click here). Nissar passionately called for justice for all those who had suffered, lost their homes, or belongings in the recent attacks in Jaranwala.

Reverend Sally offered a heartfelt prayer, crying out on behalf of persecuted brothers and sisters. Special attention was paid to the traumatic situation in Jaranwala, where people had been deeply traumatized. The attendees prayed for comfort and peace to envelop the afflicted communities.

Pastor Teerth Sond led a prayer over a petition crafted by Hannah Chowdhry from the British Asian Christian Association, which was later submitted to the Pakistan High Commission. He prayed for the petition’s success and emphasized the liberating power of Jesus Christ.

A delegation comprising individuals from various faith backgrounds, including Reverend Peter Gill, Nissar Hussain, Pastor Teerth Sond, Pastor Lizzie, Archbishop Dr Gabriel Kolawole Olasjl of Caring Outreach International, and Reverend Sally Baily, handed over the petition, which had already amassed over 350 signatures (click here). The delegation was led by Christian Bagpiper Ben Buckland, who played the evocative hymn ‘Abide with Me,’ invoking God’s presence in the face of life’s trials.

The petition was formally delivered to Adil Shah, the Protocol Officer for the Pakistan High Commission, who committed to forwarding it to His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Faisal, High Commissioner for Pakistan to the UK.

Mr. Shah engaged in an extensive conversation with Mr. Wilson Chowdhry from the organization “United by Faith,” during which they exchanged contact information, encompassing both email addresses and telephone numbers. Furthermore, a mutual commitment was established to coordinate a multifaceted interfaith meeting with the High Commissioner, aimed at deliberating the most effective strategies to address the persistent issue of persecution in Pakistan.

The delay in waiting for the High Commissioner’s representative prompted the protesters to head to India House by car or bus rather than a procession. There, they repeated their call for justice, this time focusing on the plight of over 300 Christians killed in Manipur and the more than 30,000 who have been displaced.

Pastor Teerth gave a stirring speech, demanding justice for all victims and a future characterized by equality and fairness for all. The protest received a powerful endorsement from Dr. Martin Stern, a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust, who shared his experiences and emphasized the need to unite against oppression.

The Indian High Commission declined to accept a physical petition, requesting that it be emailed instead. The British Asian Christian Association promptly emailed a copy of the petition, accompanied by a letter, to the provided email address.

Protesters then gathered for a procession to 10 Downing Street, where they handed out flyers to passersby, spreading awareness about the persecution faced by Christians in Asia. Notably, a Spanish school and its children joined the procession, expressing their solidarity and chanting slogans.

Faisal Gill, known as Crown Jules, delivered a rap track he had composed for the suffering communities in India and Pakistan.

Rev. Sally and Hammad Baily led a powerful worship session, during which a petition was submitted to 10 Downing Street by Wilson Chowdhry of United by Faith and Pastor Teerth Sond.

Juliet Chowdhry, Trustee for British Asian Christian Association, said:

“This London protest served as a poignant reminder of the ongoing persecution faced by Christians in India and Pakistan.

“It was a testament to the power of unity and compassion in raising awareness and advocating for justice and peace.

“As the petitions were delivered to the respective high commissions and 10 Downing Street, the hope remained that these heartfelt pleas would lead to meaningful change and an end to the suffering endured by Christian communities in these nations.

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