Watson Gill expresses concern in letter to Dutch leader on making of Film.


Sir, I would like to request to Mr., Wilders. Please, re-consider your step about your film "Fitna" (Tumult). Please, take your decision back. You are putting hundreds of people's life on risk. Please, let me tell you that what you are going to do? And what consequence will be after your film Fitna(Tumult)? Sir, when the freedom exceeds the boundaries then it is converted in to the Fitna. We know the democratic mechanism is very strong in Europe and USA, but you are interfering in spiritual matter of Muslims. After 11-09-2001, 10 to 15% Muslims were sympathizers with Al-Quida or alliance groups. 60 to 70% Muslims have soft corner for Mr. Ahmed Nijad and Mr. Hugo Chavez only because that they hate USA, and you are giving opportunity to Al-Quida and alliance groups to justify that their war is not on terror but the war is for Islam. In that condition they could get the 100% sympathy from their fellow Muslims. Sir. In my opinion the consequences will be horrible then the 11 September. Sir, that war was the ideological war. But you are converting this war in to religious war .You are not an editor of any newspaper. You are a Dutch Parliamentarian and represent The Dutch government and as a Parliament member you will be responsible for consequences. Christians European, American especially the Dutch forces in Afghanistan could be danger in Islamic world. Because of Cartoon in Danish newspapers and your film, A Dutch Newspaper wrote that Dutch would be unsafe in Muslim world. But in my opinion that is not danger only for Dutch but all Europeans and Americans and also for those Christians who living in Muslim country`s like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iraq, My advice is for you .If you have differences of opinion or you have questions about Islam .You can call a crowded debate. This is the right way according to my opinion. Thanks. Watson Gill Leader Pakistan Christian Congress

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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