man threatens to Islamist hate speech after publicly Police investigate urinate on Bible


London: (By Hannah Chowdhry and Juliet Chowdhry) A video that was shared on Tick Tok by an Islamist who threatened to urinate on a Bible in a public place, has caused a lot of hurt amongst Christians.

The video began to be shared virally across social media especially after Matthew Suleman an apologist from Pakistan, condemned the video.  Read more and watch video (here)

After receiving the video Juliet Chowdhry contacted London’s Metropolitan Police and a crime was registered.

In the meanwhile, another Christian fared much less favourably, he alleges that Thames Valley Police refused to investigate the hate speech, because he was the only complainant.

Evangelist Rohan Samuel than decided to prepare his own video and shared that calling for Christians, to inform local police about the hate crime, so that a police investigation could ensue.

Please sign our petition calling for action against this latest hate speech (click here)

On 26th January 2023, Juliet Chowdhry received a video on Whatsapp, that contained the vile rant of an apoplectic Islamist, hell-bent on causing hurt and anger. In the video the culprit threatens to urinate on the Bible in a public place, stating the no-one from England and no Christian would dare to stop him.

Though not specifically targeted, Juliet and a large number of Christians found the rant extremely upsetting, vulgar and threatening.   The video is clearly an incitement to hatred that was designed to make Christians look weak and pitiful.  Moreover, the threat to urinate on a Bible in a public place was an unnerving, malicious statement of intent.

On 31st January, Juliet decided to  email the local borough Faiths Officer and he kindly registered the crime before a time of leave.  Juliet had to call and share details of the offence with him and a crime reference number was received.  However, Juliet was informed that a follow-up call would manifest but until today (10th February 2023), no call was received.

Evangelist Rohan Samuel, also felt very alarmed by the video and separately called from Bristol on 3rd February.  He was liaising with Thames Valley Police who seemed disinterested in the case.  Mr Samuel then posted a video on Whatsapp, calling Christians to contact their local police, explaining that Thames Valley Police, were refusing to investigate the hate crime, because only Mr Samuel was reporting the crime.

Mr Samuel’s video eventually made its way to Juliet Chowdhry, who decided to take action and a petition was created, to illustrate the upset caused by the video targeting Christians.

Please sign our petition calling for action against this latest hate speech (click here)

Mr Samuel, spoke with British Asian Christian Association, he said:

“Christians everywhere have been hurt by these despicable comments.

“It is not acceptable to target people of other faiths for no purpose but to cause hurt.

“Behaviour like this causes community tension and people of all faiths should condemn the actions of this man.

“I hope Police will take action against him.”

Several Pakistani Christians have been calling BACA asking for an update on Juliet’s report of the crime to MET Police, and hundreds of wider Christians, were commenting on social media.

Thus a call was made today to the Met Police crime desk today and a very positive response was received. The police constable on the crime desk explained that the Met Police’s Department of Media and communication had been spoken to:

They have created a job ticket for the video to be investigated.

“This was because they had to check the link off-the-grid and not using a MET-connected computer, because they didn’t want to leave a digital footprint.

“The media and communication department have done that and they now have the man’s twitter and Tick Tok ID verified.   

“They liaised with the Acting Chief Inspector and the Operations Room Inspector to inform them about potential community tensions.

“The police investigation is ongoing.

Police have confirmed they understand the sense of urgency with this crime, and that it is being investigated under the Malicious Communications Act.

Juliet Chowdhry, said:

“Although this rant is a vile hate-filled attack on Christianity, we do not believe this man is going to urinate on the Bible, despite his threat.

“We have contacted the police on behalf of the many Christians, who feel offended and hurt by the threat to desecrate their holy book.

“Master Kalyogi Iradimi does not understand Christianity and may not be aware that the desecration of a Bible, only damages some paper and ink. 

“We can easily print more Bibles his act wont cause Christians to react with violence nor will it cause us to retaliate in other ways.

But sharing his message on the internet like that was an attempt to polarise our society.

“It’s the fomenting of dangerous ideologies like his, that causes alienation and conflict and we hope a conversation with the police will curb his enthusiasm for hate-speech.”

lease sign our petition calling for action against this latest hate speech (click here)

In December 2018, Zaheer Hussain shared a soul-sapping diatribe, in which he castigated and insulted a Muslim convert and threatened to sodomize him.  Mr Hussain’s crime was to share details of a baptism on Facebook but he had to endure threats and 24 hour police surveillance of his home for his protection for some time.  A long and earnest police investigation failed to result in a prosecution, despite video evidence (click here)

British Asian Christian Association is a charity that provides advocacy and aid to Christians in South Asia. We write articles that inform on political and social matters that affect Christians and other groups globally.  We are involved in outreach ministry in South Asia and print Bibles.  We also provide disaster recovery assistance to people of all diversities across the globe, where we can.  If you would like to donate towards our work please do so (here).

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