Christian teen allegedly sold for illegal human organ transplant: By Jawad Mazhar (ROD)


Marr Balochaan, Pakistan, Jan 27th (ROD): A Christian youth Francis Nadeem 15, son of Sadeeq Masih is believed to be kidnapped and allegedly sold for illegal human organ extraction and transplantation, here at Marr Balochaan, a village near Nankanna District of Punjab Province in Pakistan. Where as kidnappers Muhammad Imran and Muhammad Zaman sons of Noor Muhammad, admitted during interrogation at Sanglla Hill Police Station that they killed and threw the corpse in the water canal. While the canals are dry and there is no water in them due to the dry spell since Dec 1st 2007. ROD Fact Finding Team visited the family and condoled with them. Sadeeq Masih father of the Francis Nadeem told ROD Fact Finding Team that on the eve of Dec 20th, 2007 Muhammad Imran and Muhammad Zaman residents of nearby village Mahesh Shumali came to their house and took Francis Nadeem with them. Father of the Nadeem said that three boys rented a motor bike from 'Rent a Motor Bike Shop' and left for unknown destination and never returned. Nadeem's father mentioned that Francis Nadeem can't ride a motor bike. Sadeeq Masih said that when their son did not return home they started looking for him here and there but all their efforts remained fruitless. Sobbing inconsolably Nadeem's father went on saying that he went to Muhammad Imran and Muhammad Zaman house as well, but in vain. "Finally, after all the fruitless searches" Sadeeq Masih added "We registered a case against Muhammad Imran and Muhammad Zaman on Dec 27th, 2007 at Sanglla Hill Police Station with First Information Report (FIR) No. 346/2007 under section 365 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC)". On Jan 14th, 2008 Sanglla Hill Police arrested Muhammad Imran and Muhammad Zaman along with their maternal uncle Muhammad Zulfiqar for kidnapping and keeping Francis Nadeem in hiding. In the Police custody ruffians confessed that they killed and threw away the dead body of Francis Nadeem in a water canal. Father of Francis Nadeem, who is a very old man and appallingly poor said that it impossible because water canals all over Pakistan are dry now days. Sadeeq Masih went on saying that police is leaning towards the culprits because they are rich and very influential. He also blamed that kidnappers have heavily bribed the police therefore is blatantly foiling the facts. Till now the police have totally failed in recovering the corpse of the Nadeem and there are no developments in this regard. Sadeeq Masih alleged that the culprits have not killed his teenage son, as they are admitting in the police interrogation; instead they have sold him to illegal human organ traffickers. Sadeeq Masih also disclosed that many people had been disappeared mysteriously in this locality and his son is not the first one to be disappeared mysteriously. He added that this is a gang involved in illegal human organs smuggling. ROD Fact Finding Team contacted Station House Officer (SHO) Inspector Ijaz Gujjar of Sanglla Hill Police Station, Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP) Rai Akraam and Investigating Office Sub-Inspector (SI) Rai Hassan Nawaz for details, but they were not available for commentary.

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