HRFP joined with TFD in raising the advancement of human rights, democracy and rule of law:


Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) in collaboration with Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD) raising the advancement of human rights, democracy and rule of law with the support of human rights defenders, civil society and different stake holders.

Different activities from April 2022 to November 2022 went well with the closing ceremony on 1st of November 2022 under HRFP’s REAT Helpline Project with TFD initiated from January 2021. The recent main event has conducted on 15th of September 2022 entitled “Media Conference and launching a Video Documentary: Promotion of Human Rights & Democracy”, and before it the National Minority Day was observed together on 11th of August 2022.  

The all activities throughout have been supported and participated by Human Right Defenders (HRDs) Network representing multi stakeholders, civil society, community leaders, teachers, lawyers, women, social activists, political workers and youth for addressing the issues (individuals/groups) of human rights, to resolve and strategize and for defending and practicing the democratic values and follow the rule of law.

Naveed Walter, president of Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) said that the advancement of human rights, democracy and the rule of law are the dire needs of today. Being defenders of human rights (HRDs), we should ensure the basic rights of all humans around us, protecting victims from abuses, stand up against violations, for freedom of speech and expression, for practice of religious freedom, for appreciation of choices, in equality of opportunities, to accesses the education, in healthy environment, for accountability of authorities and other human basic needs should be ensured, he added.

Naveed Walter further said that HRDs platform is essential for the healthy discussions and actively striving for the issues addressed with TFD support. Moreover, the violations of human rights, undemocratic norms within the political parties and culture of “dictatorships” are destroying democracy & rule of law, he added.

HRDs including Naseem Haroon, Nusrat Samuel, James Lal, Hina Rehmat, Ijaz Ghauri, Sohail Daniel, Nida Naeem, Shadman John, Manzoor Anthony, John Victor and others said, if we work together the difficult conflicts could be resolved peacefully, human dignity will be increased, freely working, speaking and thinking will be enhanced, everyone will be judged equally, and the safety and security of the community will be ensured. They said further that the democracy provides freedom to people to decide through their candidate that how the system of country will run. So, for the betterment of country we should work for the advancement of democracy, they added.   

The speakers said further that being HRDs they will continue their role to stop abductions, forced conversions and forced marriages of the young minority girls. The blasphemy laws (295 A/B/C) and the discriminatory practices against individual/families/groups, murders/ threatening to minority religious leaders and human rights defenders including political workers has to be ended, they added. They said further that the minority representatives have been “neglecting" being “selected” instead of being “elected”, they added.

Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) in the light of its vision for protection and promotion the rights of the religious minorities functioning “REAT Helpline (24/7)” at HRFP office having a toll-free number (0800-0-9494) at district Faisalabad since 2013. REAT Helpline receiving complaints/calls above 1000 a year.  REAT relates to ICCPR articles 18-22. When the REAT (Rights of Expression, Assembly, Association & Thought) including Religious Freedom receive requests on violations through REAT Helpline, the desk resolve through sufficient response.

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