A helpless Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers & refugees Malaysia


Malaysia: (JNVP Ministry) As a humble researcher writer for grieved humanity and helpless persecuted Asylum seekers & refugees, I am bounded in the love of Jesus Christ Messiah’ cross chain to serve grieved humanity. Today, I would like to share great grief for helpless persecuted Pakistani Christian communities, helpless Asylum seekers & refugees of Malaysia.  It is a voice of voiceless, helpless, hopeless and disadvantaged poorest families.

All humanity defender trusts in UNHCR that take care for grieved persecuted humanity from all religions and all countries. UNHCR KL Malaysia is not taking Christian Asylum seekers & refugees cases serious. Even very important cases had been ignored those have a serious life threats.  How Asylum seekers & refugee are spending their lives under the continual uncertainties of basic needs of life, life threats by extremists, fraudulent, land mafia, corrupt system of countries, critical questions of common people by wicked. We believe that UNHCR is for humanity' protection. I have spent almost five year in Malaysia. May God provide right person to take care Asylum seekers & Refugees cases for resettlement to a safe country.

Please! UNHCR Headquarter Geneva, Switzerland must take care for serious cases of persecuted Christian Asylum seekers and grieved humanity on the priority those are on the serious life threats, which had left their beloved and countries for saving their lives, many of them had to run and left behind their families, now they are living under uncertainties from all aspects of life. All of them future are on risk. How they are spending their lives under terror of life threats from the background of country, some families lives are on serious risk due to blackmailing in their home country and uncertainties from all aspects of life as stateless in Malaysia due to higher approaching wicked networking to let down helpless persecuted Christian Asylum seekers & refugees.

We are thankful to churches and organizations that are helping helpless and hopeless persecuted Pakistan Christian Asylum seeker & refugees and grieved humanity. But many of them are also suffering in local sectors in Malaysia under uncertainties for survival to meet their supplication of rental, basic needs of life, medical and educations. It is not non- serious matter to ignore. Because human' lives are very important to God that are on a risk for survivals. Higher authorities must take action for Pakistani Persecuted Christian Asylum seekers & refugees for resettlement.

But persecuted Asylum seeker & refugees lost their hope in UNHCR KL Malaysia, when representatives of UNHCR behaved with irresponsible attitudes for just renewal letter without results, interviews and resettlement for the cases of Asylum seekers & Refugees of Malaysia. It seems that UNHCR Malaysia KL is Taking care for persecuted Asylum seekers & refugees who had become already psychological patient’ condition, it seems that they have become as like dead conscious due to slow professing of UNHCR, injustice and corrupt social security system in Pakistan and brutality of foreign’ different languages.

It is humble request to Director General UNHCR Geneva, Switzerland , Please head to this critical issues of injustice and serious cases of Asylum seekers & refugees for resettlement to reduce processing time of cases and fasten  resettlement processing to safe country for serious life threat cases of Asylum seekers & refugees.  Being as Asylum seekers, I have carefully studied cases.  May human feel that they are human not machine or robot?  

Please help all of us to be blessed from stateless condition to be resettled into safe country.

Now the helplessness of Asylum seekers & Refugees’ feeling of insecurity in UNHCR Malaysia KL as Asylum seeker started to torture all of us mentally and psychologically. When Asylum seekers feel that they have no CARE TAKER in UNHCR Malaysia KL Office to handle but Asylum seekers & Refugees will have to arrange sponsorship for them to go out from Malaysia to safe country. Asylum seekers & refugee’ cases are pending for more than 10 to 12 years.   UNHCR Malaysia just renewed letters and took back refugee card. Then they again issued Asylum seekers letter.

Please Pray for Christian Asylum seekers & Refugees; One day to spend under this feeling of insecurity is mental torture. WHO WILL TAKE CARE? Our Christian communities are in Malaysia hope for the good in UNHCR Malaysia KL. Christian communities are waiting for their results, date of interview for last more than 7 to 10 years. Now it is confirmation, if UNHCR Malaysia KL is not taking serious life threats cases of qualified people. How they had been treating with untrained and uneducated persecuted Asylum seekers & Refugee who takes Interpreter for their interviews with UNHCR.

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