Civil Society of Sargodha Pay tribute to martyred Benazir Bhutto.


Sargodha: Jan 3rd (ROD): Rights and advocacy organizations of the Civil Society of Sargodha massed at Katcherry Bazaar, Sargodha to pay tribute to the martyred of democracy, Benazir Bhutto under the aegis of Taangh Wasaib Organization (TWO) by lighting up the candles. Rays of Development, Organization (ROD), Aezaze-e-Niswaan (AN), Child Rights Committee (CRC) of SPARC Sargodha, Advocacy Network Sargodha and several other NGOs and PPP political activist and hopefuls for the upcoming general elections also accompanied TWO and warm heartedly paid tribute to the Benazir Bhutto. Rights activist were carrying placards inscribed with slogans and prayers and for the deceased Benazir Bhutto and her bereaved family. They sang requiems in memory of the beloved Leader and enchanted slogans like "Long Live Benazir Bhutto", "The token of democracy, Benazir, Benazir". Benazir Bhutto the Chairperson of Pakistan People's Party (PPP) and symbol of democracy and freedom in Pakistan was martyred in a terrorist attack on Dec 27th, 2007. After her inopportune death the whole nation drenched into sorrow and plunged into turmoil. The enraged people expressed their outrage by torching vehicles, Railway Stations, Banks, Train Coaches and shops. Since then dozens of people have been killed or seriously injured in the insurgency, broken out after her tragic death due to the terrorist attack. At the ceremony several eminent leader of the Civil Society and contestants of the forthcoming general elections lit candles, prayed and addressed the people who had flocked up to express their love and care for their Great Leader. Dr Nadia Aziz (PPP), Tasneem Qureshi (PPP), Muhammad Ahmed Khan (Chairman TWO), Chaudhary Ajmal, Hajji Farooq Aslam, Sajjad, Khalid Waheed Piracha, Mahr Muhammad Tufail, Sister Naseem George (AN), Advocate Shahid Nazir Khan (Advocacy Network, Sargodha) and Mahr Zafar Khaliq addressed the occasion. The speakers, pledged to carry on the mission of Benazir Bhutto. They said that Pakistan is at a crucial point and we have lost a great leader. The also said that her sacrifice would strengthen the Democracy in Pakistan. The People articulated their sympathy, condolence, love and care for the Great Leader Benazir Bhutto by enlightening the Candles. A renowned painter Mahr Zafar Khaliq presented a Painting of Late Benazir Bhutto to the General Secretary Ms Rubina Feroze Bhatti and Chairman Muhammad Ahmed Khan of TWO as souvenir. The gathering dispersed peacefully after with prayers that the soul of BB might rest in Peace and success for the new Chairman of PPP Bilawal Bhutto. Chairman of Rays of Development, Organization (ROD) Ferhan Mazher told ROD Fact Finding Team that the death of Benazir Bhutto (BB) is the death of Human Rights and attack on her is the attack on democracy and freedom in Pakistan. He maintained that BB's death has created a vacuity that can not be filled. He added that with her the hope of equality and freedom for the religious and ethnic minorities has gone away, as she had promised in her party manifesto to repeal all the discriminatory laws including the controversial black Blasphemy Laws of the Country. Chief of ROD also denounced the unnecessary delay in the general elections by the Government.

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