Bishop Malik comes back with same-sex agenda from the Primates meeting. By Julius Danish


As the war between Western heterodox Episcopal bishops and orthodox Global South bishops and archbishops intensifies and it seems the Anglican Church and Communion are at the dawn of a breaking apart the illegitimate child of the Archbishop comes back to Pakistan with what seems to be an era of promoting homosexuality or same sex marriages in the Church of Pakistan. Lately Bishop Malik has been bitterly criticized for blessing the marriage of his daughter Nadia a famous model with a Muslim in his cathedral. This act of his has been condemned by the majority of Christians all over Pakistan and he has been repeatedly asked to leave his office and go. Unfortunately there is no option of impeaching a bishop in the Church of Pakistan. Over and above Bishop Malik against all ethical and legal values has fabricated and registered a parallel Church with a fabricated constitution thus now there is no body to discipline him or ask for accountability in any sector of his church administration rather he is a king of his diocese now. There are cases in the courts of Pakistan against bishop Malik for illegal sale of Church properties and fabricating changes in the constitution and Articles of Association of the Lahore Diocesan Trust Association a property holding body left by the former Anglican Church of Pakistan. It is feared by many the he is taking the church in a new direction whereby every thing against the Scripture becomes legal, the church remains in crisis and there should be nobody to challenge his illegal sale of church properties and usurping of church resources. By all means it seems to be perfectly planned program of almighty Malik duly supported by the Archbishop and the partners in all his actions. It is also feared that he will implant the same sex marriage and homosexuality in the Church of Pakistan to please the Western heterodox Episcopal bishops which are also blessed by the quietness of the Archbishop. It has been asked time and again from the Archbishop and the officers of the Anglican Communion to clarify the position of Bishop Malik in the light of his new constitution. The other bishops of the Church of Pakistan are also asked to clarify their stand on the issues mentioned above. While the Southern Cone Primate writes, "The willingness of many of our colleagues from the two-thirds world to speak plainly about the changes to the faith that The Episcopal Church (now called TEC) has introduced to the "faith once delivered to the saints" was a clear sign of the work of the Holy Spirit." Southern Cone Primate. Yet on the other hand there are those like Bishop Malik who have their hidden agendas. It is feared that the forth coming days will bring greater division within the Church of Pakistan. The present Archbishop Rowan Williams has already been exposed of working for many years before becoming Archbishop of Canterbury to replace the Anglican Faith with a different kind of faith which adheres to the sovereign authority of man`s reason, intelligence, and experience, and promotes a new moral code. The evidence also allows little room to believe that since becoming the Archbishop of Canterbury Williams has changed his teachings. The Archbishop had become a leader in the "Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement. This movement was founded in 1976 in England by Richard Kirker who is currently its Executive Director. The LGCM sponsored an annual "Michael Harding Memorial Address" and Rowan Williams addressed the group a decade later in his now famous lecture "The Body`s Grace". No wonder Bishop Malik surfaced as a promoter of this movement in 2003 and was referred in many news paper of Pakistan but when he found that he is getting adverse response both from the Muslims and Christians he backed out in a press conference and also asked the director of the movement to speak on his behalf to say that he was not a part of the movement. Now it becomes clear that he was in fact committed to the movement. You are requested to read the above links for a clear understanding of the Archbishops theological stand and understand the basis of his allegiance with Bishop Malik. It would no be unworthy to seek the impeachment of the Archbishop and that of Bishop Malik.

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