Pastor D.Yovas aged 60yrs. had come to Bangalore in 1971 from Parassala near Trivandrum, Kerala his hometown and was working in the management sector for few years. He stayed in a slum area where he later started his pastoral service and had a group of believers praying along with him. Pastor Johnson was a friend of his who used to accompany him in conducting prayer meetings. In 1995, an incident happened when all the houses in their slum were burnt, for which the government supplied relief material to all except for the Christian families. It was then that Pastor Johnson along with Pastor Yovas lodged a complain in the police station and BDA with all evidences. He took a step to spend about 20K for the affected people in the slum. He was a man of strong faith, helpful and kind hearted. Days passed by, even months and years that Pastor Yovas was peacefully conducting his prayer services. He also established a small prayer house on December 18th 1995, in an area of 18ft and named it "Zion Prayer Hall" One Sunday the 7th of May, when Pastor Yovas completed his evening service at about 7:30 PM was about to leave, a policeman came to him and asked him to go with him to meet the Inspector of police at the Chandra Layout Police station. Pastor followed the constable and reached police station. Pastor was asked to wait and after one hour the constable came with two persons and asked them to give complaints against the pastor. The pastor do not remember them seen them in his life. The drama took place in front of the inspector and he ordered arrest without listening to the pastor. His request for medicine for diabetes was also turned down. The constable was dictating things in the station and the inspector also followed the highhandedness of the constable. The constable was angry and said that the arrest was on an account that he was forcefully converting the Non-Christians to Christianity. He repeatedly explained that he did not do any such act, but the policemen denied listening to him and put him behind bars. Later the same night Pastor Joseph who knew Pastor Yovas for more than 15 years and was his neighbor came to the police station to rescue him. He pleaded Inspector Mr. Omkar to release Pastor Yovas, but was ignored and kept him waiting for more than an hour. He was waiting till 11p.m and saw that the inspector was leaving the station and was about to leave to his home. Pastor Joseph finally asked the copy of the complain and once more tried to request the inspector and know the reason for the arrest of Pastor Yovas, when the inspector was frustrated and put Pastor Joseph also detained. Both of them prayed sincerely throughout the night with tears in their eyes. Pastor Joseph was released next morning, but they did not release Pastor Yovas. Advocate Peter took over the case and was able to release Pastor Yovas only on 11th May 2006, Thursday. During the 5 days of his stay in the jail, he was only with his Bible – 'his mighty weapon' as he refers and his spectacles. Seeing him pray throughout the day, one of the prisoners named Reby was attracted to him AND PROMISED TO LEAD A LIFE AS A GOOD CITIZEN Please pray for acquittal of Yovas when his case comes in the court on 22nd May.

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