Disappointed”, but not “Deterred”. Bishop T. Nasir. CNI Report


On 18th April 2005, I wrote an article in Urdu section for Christian News International, in which I expressed my deep “disappointment” on the silence and ignorance of local Christian leadership and common Christians of Pakistan on religious issues. It has been Twenty Five years since I am involved in various debates with Muslims clergy and those who try to undermine Christian faith and the Holy Bible. This includes the “Pakistani Press” and electronic media. Recently I was received two “cuttings” from an Urdu Daily, “Khabrain” Peshawar. It was an Article written by one “columnist” Hafiz Sana Ullah. His topic was the “New Governor” of North West Frontier Province. While writing on the subject, Hafiz Sana Ulla deviated from his main subject and out of context translated the English saying, “Nearer the church, further from God”. He further wrote that, “I am not a Man of Church, I am Man of Mosque, and the Islamic saying is that, nearer the mosque nearer to God, This is the difference in Church and Mosque”. I immediately wrote an Urdu Article and expressed my views on the statement of Hafiz Sana Ullah, and the “columnist” called me and used derogatory words against me and Christianity. Well! I have never ever spared such people and wrote another Urdu article, “Bay Watan” (Homelandless) and when I requested the local leadership to protest against the Columnist Hafiz Sana Ullah, the respond was disappointing. Over the years it has become normal practice of local leadership and Christians that when they find such articles, they mail them to me and go to sleep. The job of tackling such ignorant and prejudice Muslims is then my responsibility. Hafiz Sana Ullah is not the only one. Mr. Ata-ur-Rehmn of Daily Nawaiwaqt had problem with new “Pope” and because the new Pope was elected from Europe, he wrote an obnoxious article “New Pope and Clash of Civilizations”. My Urdu reply to Mr. Ata-ur Rehmn is on our Urdu page. In November 2004, Mr. Abdul Qadar Hassan wrote a similar article and on 21st November 2004 the English news paper “The Daily Dawn” published a book review that contained extremely derogatory remarks for Lord Jesus Christ. I along with Colonel S. K. Tressler, former Federal Minister for Minority Affairs, meet Mr. Ijaz Ul Haq, the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and held a “Press Conference” at “Press Club” Lahore. Dr. Raja Nathanial Gill was with me. I made the “Daily Dawn” to apologies and met the Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Sheikh Rashid Ahmad along with Colonel and Mrs. Manorma Tressler and my son Kamil Nasir on the issue. Yet no other Christian leader or common Christian spoke a single word on this very serious issue. I sent a protest note to the President of Pakistan. Deeply disappointed with local Christian leadership and common but influential Christians, I wrote Urdu article, “Pakistan Kay Masihiyoon Kay Nam” (Apni Saleeb Khud Uthayeen) {Carry your own Cross}. I have decided not to write any thing that is brought to my notice and declared that the person who reads such articles and books against Christian faith, Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible, should answer such articles and books. I am grateful to Dr. Stephen Gill from Canada, who has always encouraged me and after reading my Urdu article, ”Pakistan Kay Masihiyoon Kay Nam” wrote a very encouraging note. Some people took my article as the end of my “job” that I am doing since last twenty five years. I wish to make it very clear that I have not been “deterred or defeated” because of the attitude of Pakistani Christian leadership or common Christians. I will not turn my back, I am still fighting the Muslim writers, columnists, journalists and Mullahs. I shall keep fighting without caring if any Christian leader is behind me. The Lord has commanded to “Carry my Cross”, how can I disobey Him? I have seen death so closely that I am not afraid to die for His Name and I seek no recognition or reward from “men”. My recognition and reward is with my Lord Jesus Christ. Yet I call upon all Pakistani Christians around the globe and the Christian leadership of Pakistan and the common but influential Christians to fulfill their Religious obligation or at least “Carry their own Cross”. They should stop using my shoulder to fire their gun. I have “great war of faith” to fight alone. I can not fight their battles. In Pakistan there are enough scholars and theologians. I can name them and I have named them in my Urdu article. But unfortunately the “Elite Christian leadership” is not concerned. They are busy in their personal affairs and they have different agenda. Recently what happened with a Pastor’s wife in Karachi, is nothing but a shameful evidence that Church in Pakistan is suffering at the hands of the “Christian Gangsters” who claim to be bishops, who sell the church property and pocket the money as if it belongs to their ancestors. They have the backing of “terrorists” who are sitting in Western countries. Christian heritage is being sold and pocketed by these “Big Leaders”, who had nothing when they became “Leaders”. Don’t I know all of them and their background too well? I do! I feel ashamed when I am told that “A” bishop spends, 1,25,000.00 Rupees (Two Thousand Dollars) per month on liquor. “A” bishop spends most of his time in United States and takes up small jobs to qualify for American citizenship. These people have no control over their household. In one bishop’s home people of “three different faiths” live in “Perfect Peace and Harmony”. I am sorry, I too have deviated from my topic, yet I have no hesitation that the Christian leadership and the Christian community has become so ignorant and un-concerned that they prefer to remain silent of the issues that are bothering poor Christian community of Pakistan and I am not prepared to “Carry their Crosses” any more. I have enough trouble with Mullahs and my first priority is to “silence” them. I apologize if I have hurt the feelings of any Christian brother or sister, yet I have narrated a fact that might be bitter for lot of people. Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir Bishop of the Siloam Biblical Christian Churches of Pakistan.

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