Praise Lord on bringing me home safe. Rev. Wilson Fazal. By Pervaiz Iqbal.


Pastor Wilson with his family had given warm well come by his congregation on their arrival at Quetta. Once again, PCP was the first media who meet with Pastor Wilson and his family. On his and on behalf of PCP Team, Parvez Iqbal PCP Correspondent, congratulated Pastor Wilson Fazal for his safe return to their home and Thanked God for all his Blessings on this family. Talking to PCP Correspondent, Pastor Wilson Fazal said, I am felling very happy that PCP had played remarkable role in International Media for highlighting of all about his kidnapping and returned, He thanked PCP and asked God for more blessings on PCP. Pastor further added, “ Despite all problems our alive Lord once again gave me chance to be with my congregation and Praising lord. He said I was looking for this day anxiously and today I had answer of my prayers. After all problems and pains on body, my body is now become more active for better service of our Lord Jesus Christ as I feel Signs of all those on Body. During all tuff time I spent, I have learnt a great lesson and I am sure Christians will have more benefits of all this. I like to bring a big change in our community after all happened with me during last three months. On all occasion of past three months, I have seen the God’s endless Love in my life and I will continue all my efforts in his Love he had advised us in Holy Bible. He said God had used me during these three months especially in Sahiwal, Karachi and Shanti Nagat, where only in 8 days I had 28 meetings, which are unforgettable for me forever. Replying to Question about message for others, who are serving with the Message of our Lord, Pastor said, “now a days all those who are serving for Lord are in regular problems, but I want to tell them that same as problems are endless, Love of our Lord for us is also endless and continues for ever, but the need is our loyalty with willing of our Lord. Because happiness in both smiles and sorrows not only make our Lord Happy, but also more strengthen our faith on him. Therefore, please continue efforts avoiding all problems. My Family, my congregation, and me all are very happy today for this wonderful occasion and all this giving me a new strength for my future. Regarding Kidnappers, Pastor Wilson said, “ As Words of Lord Jesus Christ in Holy Bibl advise us to forgive your enemies, and following this advise I have forgiven them to make my self as followers of our Lord, as until, one who not experience sacrificing never see the power of alive Lord. Pastor Asif John contributed his views and stated, Critical always give more power and courage for better services. I think escaping from dangers is not a mistake, but big mistake is escaping from responsibilities. Mrs. Nasreen Fazal was of the view that “ I see and admit this incident with all my happiness and my heartiest Thanks to our Lord, who took off tears from my eyes and gave smiles and happiness to my family. She further added that I am thankful to God who selected us and answered our prayers. She said no doubt this incident had effected our life and studies of our children badly and I am confident, with the passage of time, everything will come on the right track with the consent and help of our Lord.

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