Blast Shaked Christian Colony at Quetta on independence day of Pakistan. By Parvez Iqbal, PCP Correspondent.


On 14th August, 2004 while Pakistani Nation was busy in their 57th Independence day Celebration, Terrorists Targeted Christian Colony, Spinney Road, Quetta at about 10.25 p.m through a big explosion fixed in waste bin behind the house Mr. Ambrose Jan, MPA for Minorities, but luckily there was no casualities or damages of properties. On hearing the explosion, peoples from the surrounding area gathered in large number. After about 10 minutes District Police arrived and started searching to avoid next blast and advised the peoples to remain away from the expected place of blast. Provincial Defense Secretary with a team of Bomb Disposal rushed to search and after their satisfaction declared the area clean, but advised the people to be careful. Many high-ranking officials including Federal and Provincial Ministers visited the scence of occurrence and assured their full cooperation. Mr. Asim Kurd Gailu, Provincial Minister, first of all arrived and talking to the PCP Correspondent, condemned strongly attack on the Christian Colony and assured that culprits will be captured and taken to their end. He added that efforts of Christian Community for building and development of Pakistan are remarkable and advised not to loose their unity and to contribute Government for struggling against Terror. Mrs. Asia Nasir, Federal Minister, condemned attack on Christian Community in strong words and stated due to such attacks, Minorities are now feel unsafe everywhere in country, first it was not in Balochistan, but now Christians are on direct target. She requested Provincial Government to make sufficient Security arrangements and responsible of this attack may be taken into custody, for making Christian Community satisfied and safe. Mr. Ambrose Jan, MPA, stated that this is a direct attack on Christians, but he thank God who saved all community and him. He also condemned this attack and requested Government authorities for their positive efforts to maintain safe law and order situation for all citizens of Balochistan. On behalf of Christian, Ambrose Jan said, these threats will not break our unity, our loyalties and Love with our country and we will sacrifice all for our country and its future. Religion less and Nation less, Terrorists will surely remain unsucceed and will definitely goes down with their baseless aims. Pakistan came into being forever and shall remain on Universal Map forever. He added this attack proves, Leaders are also not safe in Balochistan. He demanded immediate removal of Waste Bin lying behind the residents and requested Municipal Corporation for making regular and proper cleaning arrangements. Arbab Mohammed Hashim Kasi, Senior Leader, Muslim League, also shared his grieves with the Christians through Ambrose Jan. Talking to the PCP, Mr. Kasi condemned this attack in very hard words and stated this is not only the action against the Humanity but also against the nation. Terrorists came on targeting minorities in the Country as the Government is going closer to them day by day. He demanded inquiry and investigation of incident on Christian at high level and offenders may be brought open through press. He further added that Government might not treat this incident as minor. Mr. Mohammed Hashim Baarech, Nazim, and Mr. Julius Lateef, Councilor of the area, also condemned and said these are only to harass the peoples; terrorists are the enemies of the country and the Nation. In this situation every one has to prove their boldness and efforts to fight against the Terror. Mr. Julius Lateef blamed Municipal Corporation for improper and irregular arrangements for cleaning of the area, resulting such incidents, the terrorist find places to put Bombs in the Waste Bins. He demanded immediate attention for removal of Waste Bin and regular arrangements for the cleaning in the area. PCP correspondent, talking to the different peoples, came to know, Mr. Samson John was of the view that PGA Church very near to the place of occurrence, might have targeted, but missed, and Lord saved his House. Mr. Frederick Ghauri stated, "Christian community has been targeted directly due to his active participation in 57th Independence day Celebrations" Mr. Anwar Anthony, appreciated, quick actions by the District Police and Bomb Disposal Squad. Mrs. Cynthia Gulfam found worried about her teenaged daughter, who became unconscious due to very loud voice of the blast. Mr. Aslam Sulheri, and Mr. Roufin, had seen active advising people to keeps away from the place of the incident. PCP Correspondent was the first Media Person who reached to the place of incident, as his house is also in same colony. Up to 3.00 a.m peoples were found in the street discussing the situation and every one found thanking Lord Jesus Christ for saving his own house (PGA Church), their properties and lives. Ladies of the area were found in separate discussions and their own observations about the explosion.

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