Christian Tribal targeted and attacked by Hindu extremists in Madhya Pradesh India,


Jhabua -- Just one month after the right wing BJP came to power in the North Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, the perpetration of large violence on Christians by the RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal under the tacit collusion of the government authorities and the law and order machinery in Jhabua has begun. It all started when a 9 year old girl was found raped and murdered in the premises of a Catholic institution following which a mob led by the local VHP head Khum Singh entered the mission premises and attacked priests. The priests where then taken into custody for what the police termed as their safety, while the mob was let off even as one person was arrested in connection with the girl;s murder. Three days later, on January 16, saffronaties (Hindu extremists) led by Krishna Behn from the neighboring state of Gujarat, the Hindutva laboratory where churches were destroyed en masse a few years ago and thousands of Muslims were killed by the RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal last year, went to Amjut village, 60 km from Jhabua and after conducting a venomous discourse against conversions, went in a volatile procession to the premises of the CNI mission. Most of the villagers in this predominantly Christian village are second or third-generation Bhil converts. According to eye-witness accounts, the fanatics, under the patronage of the police, entered the mission premises, distributed anti-Christian material, raised slogans against Christians, barged into classrooms while exams were being conducted and tore down posters of Jesus. By the end of this rioting by the fundamentalists, however, the local villagers, who gathered around the premises started pelting stones at them, forcing them to take to their heels. This prompted the BJP MLA from a nearby town to gather truck loads armed mob of RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal goons to proceed to the village for retaliation, but the tribal Bhils were ready for them. They set one of the vehicles on fire, resulting in injuries to several of the goons and the death of one of them. This in turn led to attacks on Christian homes and premises in the area, even as the police remained mute spectators. The police station is just 100 metres from the CNI premises. Meanwhile, the anti-Christian right BJP government headed by a Hindu monk has begun its deception and kept true to its image of being a extreme right wing outfit, taking open sides with the anti-Christian fanatics. It is presently toeing the line that the fanatics had raised slogans standing outside the CNI premises and that they were fired upon from the church. The regional Inspector General of Police (IGP) P L Pandey, however, has asserted to leading national dailies that the government ;s versions was not true.Soon after the Gujarat carnage against Muslims the AICC had said that the next target would be Christians in the tribal belts. When the BJP won the recent elections in the States of Rajasthan, M.P. and Chattisgarh, we had pointed out that whole Christian tribal belt in Central India was now under the control of the RSS run BJP party from Gujarat, Rajasthan, M.P. Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Orissa. We had also pointed out that the VHP agenda of reconverting tribal Christians and terrorizing of tribal Christians would now get momentum. Much to our dismay and horror, the attacks against the tribals has begun with an orchestrated plan in Jabhua, M.P. Jabhua is the place where the gang rape of the nuns took place several years ago and for which the culprits are serving life sentences. It is also now beginning to appear that the Christian tribal girl was raped, killed and her body disposed off in a Christian school in keeping with a well devised plan to spark off and start an anti-Christian campaign in the state, even as the participation of the RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal in the violence on Christians has been confirmed by the range police officers. This is similar to the method in which the anti-Muslim carnage was orchestrated against Muslims in neighboring Gujarat State. Incidentally, all the vehicles involved in the entire ongoing episode were found bearing registration from Gujarat. The police have now arrested a non-Christian Manoj Jadav who is reported to have raped and killed the Sujata, the tribal Christian girl. The All India Christian Council has now dispatched a high powered fact-finding team comprising of leaders from various communities to the area and further reports are awaited.

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