Taliban: Switch from Heroin to Methamphetamine. EFSAS Article

Introduction: Illicit drug production, the cultivation and processing of crops and synthetic elements for drugs and the trade thereof have, foremost, been widely successful within Afghanistan. The long history of drug trade in Afghanistan, its triggers for this far-ranging illicit and unregulated


Allama Mashriqi and the Khilafat Movement. By Nasim YousafAllama Mashriqi and the Khilafat Movement. By Nasim Yousaf

For centuries, the institution of the Khalifa (Caliph), the temporal Head of Muslims around the world, was seen as an important symbol of Islamic unity. However, after the Ottoman Empire was defeated by the Allied powers in the First World War, Muslims worried that the office of the Khalifa would


Myanmar-Bangladesh ties could unite ASEAN and SAARC free trade zones. By MD Phatik Hasan

    Myanmar is one of Bangladesh’s closest neighbors with historic connectivity going back centuries. The 271 km long Bangladesh-Myanmar border is very important for Bangladesh due to its strategic position, although at present the area is militarized due to its ongoing inter


Pakistan-Sri Lanka Ties: An Analysis. By MD Phatik Hasan

 Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Sri Lanka on February 23 and 24 at the invitation of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. This is his first visit to Lanka after coming to power. He said, ‘I go to cricket after finishing my studies, and you (Mahinda Rajapaksa)


Nexus of Terror: State-Sponsored Terrorism and the Case of Afghanistan. EFSAS Study Papers

Introduction: Global terrorism continues to be a multifaceted security threat that decisively shapes the policies of political actors worldwide. An important component of contemporary terrorism is the financing mechanisms connected to the activities of terrorist organizations (TOs): TOs have prov


EFSAS Commentary: The international community must do more in Myanmar to avoid being disregarded as powerless and inconsequential

The tendency towards authoritarianism, the flagrant disregard for painstakingly agreed rules and conventions of international order, the denigration of human rights across wide and dispersed geographies, and the seeming inability of those tasked with preventing these to do so has meant that event


EFSAS Study Papers: Pursuing the Caliphate: Pan-Islamism and Ideological Delocalization in the Kashmir Conflict

In August 2019, the Indian government nullified Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, ending State Subject Rule (SSR) in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). For the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), nullifying Article 370 had been a long-standing political aim (India Today, 2019). SSR had been in place in


Rise or Resurgence? China’s ‘Century of Humiliation’ and the Role of Historical Memory in Contemporary China. EFSAS Study Papers

Introduction: Much of the discussion in academic and think tank circles in recent years has focused on the nature and implications of what has been dubbed as China’s ‘rise’. Following China’s astronomical economic development in the 1980s, two times Pulitzer Prize winner N


Khaksar Martyrs' Day. By Nasim Yousaf

Martyrs' Day is observed on March 19th to pay homage to the Khaksars who were injured or sacrificed their lives to free Muslims and non-Muslims from British rule.

March 19, 1940 was a black day in the history of the Indian subcontinent and cannot be forgotten. On this day, police op


South Asian Women’s Economic Empowerment - the Unfinished Agenda. EFSAS Article

Introduction: Since the turn of the century, South Asia has emerged as one of the most dynamic sub-regions in the world, parading with rapid economic growth and remarkable improved socio-economic conditions. These structural transformations have translated into expanding and enhanced employment o


Book review Never give up: "Winners never quit and quitters never win". By Jawed Panhwar

A self-motivated book that has been written by Nisar Brohi,as being a part of 21st century’s creature it's very essential for us to be courageous and expert in every field to walk with the modern world with shoulder to shoulder, how to remove the hurdles from life to make it prosper, ho


‘Fierce Tigresses’ or Cogs in the Wheel? An Examination of LTTE Female Suicide Terrorism. EFSAS Article

 Introduction: On 21 May 1991, former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was attending a campaign meeting in the southern town of Sriperumbudur in support of a Congress Party candidate in the forthcoming general elections. As he was greeted by a crowd of supporters, an unfamiliar woman prese


A brief overview of the changing contours of Terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir: EFSAS Study Papers

Introduction: On 24 February 2019, a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attack in the Pulwama district of Indian Administered Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) claimed the lives of 44 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel, further injuring scores of others. Without delay, the internation


Ancient traces of a history from whence we came: Albanian churches

The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre (AzSTC) has produced a documentary archival video footage “Ancient traces of a history from whence we came: Albanian churches” that features the ancient history of the Albans who had lived side-by-side in harmony in Azerbaijani territories with


Asia’s Other Dragon: Bhutan’s Role in Eastern Himalayan Security Affairs. EFSAS Article


In 2020, the clashes between Chinese and Indian security forces in the Galwan Valley and subsequent inter-State tensions between China and India came to dominate international headlines as Beijing and New Delhi accused one another of a change of the territorial status quo i

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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