Mishap of Brenton Cary Hostel, Background View


I am administrator of Brenton Carey Girls Hostel for almost 5 year now. Since one year Rev. Sadiq Daniel (so-called bishop) was trying to kick me out but my management committee never agreed because they were satisfied with my work. In the month of March Rev. Sadiq Daniel spread out two dirty letters accusing me of bad character attaching me with Mr. Robert Josiah who is a father to me. I called a meeting of my board members and discussed the letters. Board members thought about it, discussed it in detail and advised to adopt a policy of a Christian character to forget and forgive. When the meeting was over I strongly requested my board that it is not possible to work in this situation and I must leave the job but they said that since the board is satisfied with my services and that there is a possibility that in case of my resignation Rev. Sadiq Daniel will bring some corrupt lady. The same thing I discussed with Mrs. Ruth Bavington, even she was of the same opinion. On 5th of April Rev. Sadiq Daniel gathered about 40 people and produced some dirty letters which were written about his wife. He instigated the pastors and other men against me and my family. Some body from within them called us on phone and told that they are going to attack our house. My husband called help from 15. The police came on time and dispersed the mob. We submitted an application for protection the same evening at Frere Police Station which is on record. 11th April:- At half past twelve in the night of tenth April we were told that Sadiq Daniel will attack the Girls Hostel with his men. Again we submitted an application for protection and help and we have a receipt of the same with us. On 11th April Sadiq Daniel entered the compound at about 9:30 with a big group of undesired elements along with a large contingent of police. Sadiq Daniel led all these persons who included Shamoon Shahzar, George Bhatti, Zaffar Iqbal and Clementina Berge. A school teacher and a chowkidar (gatekeeper) from the gate informed me on the intercom about this due to which I locked the door and informed the staff. There was a knock on the door upon which I looked through the window and saw Sadiq Daniel Clementina, Zaffar Iqbal, George Bhatti and some workers of Dar-ul- Kushnud along a big mob. They started breaking the doors upon which I called for help from 15 and told them about what was happening and that they can hear the sounds of breaking of doors but no help came. Eventually they broke the door of accounts office and started breaking the door of my office. I ran inside the hostel where the girls of 9th and 10th class were in the hostel because of their preparation for their board exams while the other students were in their respective schools. I hid myself in the store room under the bed for about 45 minutes while they were searching for me all over the place. Finally they caught me and Clementina was the first person who slapped me on my face and started kicking. Then a lady police constable grabbed me from my neck and said, "I have come to arrest you". I asked, "Do u have any warrants?" Instead of answering she started beating me. Zaffar Iqbal and George Bhatti shouted arrest Shahnaz also Arrest Shahnaz also. This was the time the girl students of 9th and 10th class came and snatched me from their hands and took me to the prayer room and locked the door from inside. Again they started breaking the door of prayer room but girls resisted for about 2 and a half hour. Finally they gathered all their people who were between 30 to 40 and they broke the prayer room door. The girls resisted saying Ghazala is our mother and you cannot take her. The personal guard of Sadiq Daniel loaded his gun and directed towards the girls and warned them hand me over to them otherwise he will shoot. Girls said you fire on us or kill us but we will not let her go. Having failed to threaten them he dropped his gun and went out. Then Zaffar Iqbal, George Bhatti, Clementina along with two lady police women and other men came forward. They were beating the girls, pulling their hair, tearing their cloths and took away all the girls away from there. George Bhatti, Zaffar Iqbal, Clementina the lady police all were dragging me out of the prayer hall beating all the way long to the play ground where Sadiq Daniel and other were standing there. Sadiq Daniel commanded George Bhatti take off her cloths, Zaffar Iqbal took my shirt upwards and George Bhatti pulling down my shalwar. I begged George Bhatti have pity on me for the sake of your own daughter Lubna. He said u cannot be my daughter. I will make u fully naked. Then they kicked me on the vagina and naked legs. Clementina bitted me on the shoulder. Here they bought two papers and force me to sign. When I refused again they slapped me and again dragged me on the ground. At this stage Mrs. Sher Gill and Mrs. Pamila Shakti arrived they picked me up from the ground and again asked me to sign some unknown papers which once more I refused. Here S.H.O. Ghazala of the Women PS arrived on the scene I begged her you are my name sake, help me. She brought me back to the office, helped me to wash my face. Here all the men went to Dar-ul-Khushnud perhaps they were hiding themselves from this new lady police. Here S.H.O. Ghazala reconnected the phone which was disconnected by these fellows to conduct their evil operation undisturbed. I think she realized about the critical condition that I may not survive. She asked me call any body for help and I called Bishop Ijaz Inayat, Mr. Robert Joshiah, Mrs. Ruth Bavington on phone. Mrs. Ruth Bavington was the first to reach the office at 2 o clock. She saw the entire breakage and awful situation. She was constantly comforting me and praying. At half past three Sabir Rajput (who had been called by Bishop Ijaz to get the main gate opened) came along with S.H.O. Rao Khalid in civil dress came to my office. Sabir Rajput scolded every body and put his hands on my head and assured that he will provide justice. He said you are administrator and shall remain on the same seat and said you are on leave for three days. Give charge to your junior for three days after which we will again sit on Friday and discuss the situation to reach a conclusion. He requested Mrs. Bavington to take the charge temporarily but she refused. Then charge was asked to be given to Miss Shahnaz but she also refused because she was terrified she said I want to leave the job. But Mrs. Bavington and I requested her to stay for three days. Mr. Sabir Rajput brought me out (empty handed as my bag and keys were not given to me) to the main gate where Bishop Ijaz Inayat was standing. They asked me to sit on the bench besides the main gate while Sabir Rajput and Bishop Ijaz went inside Dar-ul Khushnud As they came out at about 3:40.pm. and took me out. The main gate was specially opened for us which had been locked and 6 police mobiles were at the gate. My husband and some other pastors were at the main gate, where police was present to provide cover the evil operation of the Rev. Sadiq Daniel and stop every body from entering. All the people and pastors along with my husband had been struggling for my release as I had been made a hostage for six hours. It is sad to say that Miss Shahnaz and the girls who had been trying to protect me are continuously being tortured and pressurized to change their evidence in the support of Sadiq Daniel and his associates and give a different look to the entire situation. She is being harassed and is not in a position to stay in side the hostel any longer. Police refused to register F.I.R against Sadiq Daniel and Shamoon Shazar who were directing the whole operation and against George Bhatti, Zaffar Iqbal, Clementina and the police officials who were facilitating the entire operation. Then we went to C.P.L.C. to seek legal help who were cooperative and helped us to get the Medico Legal which was later given to them. Then on 14th of April An F.I.R. was registered against me and 15 other innocent girl students who were helping me instead of culprits. Now the police is raiding all over in search of me. Sadiq Daniel is arranging riots and press conference to save his skin. At the moment it is not safe for me to stay in our compound therefore we are spending time here and there. We need you support. Pray that my husband can be comforted and the evil culprits are brought to justice. In Christ Mrs. Ghazala Shafiq

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