India need not worry. When anything against India over Indian support to Russia in Ukraine war what PTBA can do over the Chabahar issue? By Hemraj Jain


Biden -administration has made itself a laughing-stock by issuing this warning (ii)- Biden administration has lost its credibility over the matter of US-sanctions in the much more serious matter of the Ukraine war hence India can further thumb its nose at the Biden administration this time over Chabhar issue.

Biden administration (through  deputy spokesperson of US Department of State Vedant Patel ) has issued a warning to India that India should not have any business deal with Iran as US-sanctions on Tehran remain in place as reported at

Biden -administration has made itself a laughing-stock by issuing this warning because when Paper-Tiger Biden administration (PTBA)  couldn't do anything (as explained below) against India over such an extremely serious issue of Indian  support to  Russia in UKraine war ( despite sweeping sanctions against Russia as mentioned at ) then what  can PTBA do  against India over the Chabahar issue ?

Sanctions by the USA over any country is the jurisdiction of the US -President and US-Congress and White House & US-Congress by telling lies have squandered (as explained below) hundreds of billions of Dollars of hard earned money of the people of the USA by giving it to UKraine while simultaneously allowing some so-called ‘friendly’ countries like India  to help Russia monetarily & with military material in its war efforts against Ukraine.

The USA has given hundreds of billions of dollars to its protectorate  (as per Budapest Memorandum 1994) Ukraine to fight its war against invader Russia (as reported at ). The USA also imposed sanctions so that no country can purchase Petroleum oil from Russia so that Russia doesn’t get money to conduct its war against UKraine. But the USA allowed its so-called 'friend' India to import oil from Russia  by taking   excuse of Chinese threat (as mentioned at ) and by allowing Indian version  (as mentioned at ) that as a country reliant on energy imports and with millions living in poverty, it was not in a position to pay higher prices hence India will import oil from Russia and the USA  gave this sanction-waiver to a friendly country India. But it is a blatant lie by White House & US-Congress because India not only imported oil from Russia for the domestic needs of India but also for exporting this oil to Europe (as reported at ).

Not only this oil matter but India has even sold arms / defense equipments to Russia in lieu of oil export money ( as reported at ). Which means that after Iran [which supplied defense equipment (Like drones etc) to Russia against Ukraine] India is the second country which supplied defense equipment to Russia during UKraine war. But the response of the US-establishment (White House & Capitol hill)  between Iran and India (over the issue of defense equipment to Russia during UKraine war) is radically different & unabashedly discriminatory. 

It clearly shows that white house and US-Congress are running with the hare but hunting with the hounds and  making fools of the people of the USA at the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars of hard earned money of the people of the USA therefore  India need not worry. Because the Paper-Tiger Biden administration (PTBA)  couldn't do anything against India over its support to  Russia in UKraine war which is a much more serious matter hence PTBA can’t do anything  against India over the Chabahar issue.

In a nutshell India need not worry rather should do business with Afghanistan, central Asian countries etc through Chabahar port. Because when the Paper-Tiger Biden administration (PTBA)  couldn't do anything against India over its support to  Russia in UKraine war then what  PTBA can do  against India over the much less important  Chabahar issue ?  

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