If the USA can train the Taiwanese military on Chinese territory then India can also train the Tibetans militarily on Chinese territory of Tibet. By Hem Raj Jain


Trump should be worried electorally as Biden proves himself  to be the boldest President in US-history (ii)- Prez Biden  has done on Chinese territory  which can be done only by an US- President with a 56 inch  chest. 

In this general election year 0f 2024 the US-citizens face a difficult task of deciding who to vote for the aspirants of the White House. Generally it is believed in the USA (including in its media) that ultimately the electoral fight will be between incumbent Prez Biden and the former Prez Donald Trump and during discussion between the people as to whom to vote and on what consideration it is argued by the supporters of the Republican party that Prez BIden is weak on military matters ( which  is evident (as per Republicans) the way Prez Biden  handled the Ukraine war and the Gaza war) whereas, as per Republican supporters,  Former Prez Trump is bold and he (if comes in the White House) will restore the military clout of the USA among global community which is good for the USA in other fields too. 

But what Prez Biden has done (as is reported by the prominent media of the USA,  the WSJ as https://www.wsj.com/world/asia/taiwan-acknowledges-presence-of-u-s-troops-on-outlying-islands-c81c3b6b ) no other President of the USA could have dared to do so. 

Taiwan has confirmed that the US has boots on the ground on islands off the coast of China, AS per international laws up to 12 Nautical Miles a country has its water(maritime) territory hence when Analysts say they are likely conducting some of these training exercises on the Kinmen islands, which is 100 miles from Taiwan’s mainland but just three miles from China’s coastal city of Xiamen,it is evident that the US boots are on Chinese territory for militarily training the  Taiwanese.

When the US Boots are on Chines territory (only 3 miles from CHinese main land) then it has other implications too namely - “[If the USA can train the Taiwanese military on Chinese territory (merely 3 Nautical Miles from Chinese mainland / Xiamen) then India can also train the Tibetans militarily on Chinese territory of Tibet]”.

The world community (an euphemism for the West led by the USA) wants ( as per the West) to put China at its proper place and the West knows that China has its softest belly at Tibet where India militarily supported by the West can create insurmountable military problems for CHina which will make China so weak militarily that it can’t even think of assimilating Taiwan in CHina and of harassing Pacific countries.

Therefore the West will now instigate India to work for separating Tibet from China through “Tibet Government in Exile” which is having its office at Dharamshala in the State of Himachal Pradesh of India and by providing the said  armed training to Tibetan  separatists on the soil / territory of Tibet itself. 

In the interest of world peace  China (which is riding on high horse, after becoming reckonable global economic power) should come on the earth and should understand that even ita ally Pakistan will not be able to help China in this matter and if China  doesn’t stop harassing the Pacific countries then the West led by the USA can make India to separate Tibet from China (as mentioned at https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/4376 ) which will teach China such a lesson that Chinese will not be able to forget it for many generations to Come.  

At the same time Trump should be worried electorally because it has improved the prospects of success of Biden in the Presidential election as Biden has proved himself  to be the boldest President in US-history who has done on Chinese territory  which can be done only by such US- President who has 56 inch Chest (to borrow from the vocabulary of Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India). 

It is hoped China will handle this matter responsibly and intelligently so that world peace is not disturbed and at the same time the territorial integrity of China  also remains un-violated.

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