Biden-administration wasting time, energy & resources for "disciplining" China by naively relying on small Pacific countries. By Hem Raj Jain


 IF India gives-up “One China policy” then it will also impact the issues of Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan which all are claimed by China as its integral territory but which all have been agitating against China for independence. (ii)- Let US-Buddhism become a global religion when  the US-Christianity is not interested in the mission of Christianizing the rest of the world (iii)- If China can go back on its commitments to India about LAC then India can also do the same with China about Tibet.

Two points / issues can especially be highlighted in ( the joint vision released by the White House ) 

(A)- The need to ‘discipline China which is behaving aggressively in the international and territorial waters of the Philippines and Japan therefore the White house said that -”[We reiterate serious concern over the PRC’s repeated obstruction of Philippine vessels’ exercise of high seas freedom of navigation and the disruption of supply lines to Second Thomas Shoal, which constitute dangerous and destabilizing conduct. The final and legally binding July 12, 2016 Arbitral Tribunal determined that this feature lies within the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone, and we call on the PRC to abide by the ruling]” .and 

(B)- The need for rule based global order which will protect the interest of the people and of the smaller countries including in the Pacific region therefore the White HOuse said that “[ We represent proud, resilient democracies, mindful of our respective challenges but determined to overcome them, and we remain committed to safeguarding the human rights, media freedom, and labor rights of our people. These democratic values form the very foundation of our bilateral relationships and this trilateral partnership. We express concern over and strongly oppose economic coercion, stress the importance of a rules-based economic order, and underscore the need for close coordination in dealing with economic coercion]”

BUt the White House seems to be relying on Quad, AUKUS, the U.S.-Japan-Republic of Korea trilateral framework, the Indo-Pacific Partnership for Maritime Domain Awareness (IPMDA) etc and which is not an effective policy. Instead  the USA should rely  (i)- Mainly on largest country India (0f 1.4 billion people with demographic advantage over China about younger generation, the  working age population) by persuading India to change itsTibet policy and (ii)- ON US-Buddhism for establishing ‘new rules based participatory global order’ (where no country including encroaching country like China willt have any Veto  right) as mentioned below:-

(1)- Presently India can change its old “one China policy” because when China has violated all the treaties with India about LAC and has occupied since 2020 thousands of square kilometers of undisputed Indian territory  as explained even by Member of Parliament of ruling party the BJP, Subramanyam Swamy (as explained at ) and China has given (renamed) Chinese name to 30 towns / Cities of Arunachal Pradesh  (claimed by China as its own), a State of India then India as tit for tat can also give-up its old “One China policy”.

(2)- But India doesn’t have courage to anger China because India thinks that China can incite and help its ally Pakistan to militarily separate J&K and Ladakh from India and China can militarily separate N-E of India from India because in such situation it will be difficult for India to fight two fronts war especially given the fact that China can try to easily separate North-East of India (where Manipur is also burning since May 2023) from the rest of India by attacking at chicken neck of Siliguri corridor near Doklam where India and China confronted each other earlier also. 

But these apprehensions of India can be addressed by the USA if India does it under a US-sponsored ‘new rule based Global order’ in which the USA can help crucially if it motivates the US-Buddhism to become a global religion by doing what was expected from the US-Christianity (as mentioned at  where Buddhism can start spreading from extended-SAARC region / India  where Buddhism already has considerable historic presence moreover conversion of Hindu majority India to Buddhism can’t be opposed by PM Modi led Hindutva forces and their Union & State governments because technically it is not conversion as like Jainism and Sikhism the Budhism is also Hinduism as per Article 25 of the Constitution of  India) also because US-Christianity is not interested in the mission of Christianizing the rest of the world. 

IT is necessary to commission US-Buddhism for this mission because for the independence of Tibet the Tibetans especially the Tibetans in India will have to be motivated and mobilized but they are under the influence of the Dalai Lama who pursues double and contradictory policies. Because on hand he leads the ‘Tibetan government in exile’ with its head office at Dharmshala in the State of Himachal Pradesh in India and on other hand talks that he  has abandoned demands for Tibetan independence, and is willing to seek real autonomy for Tibet under the Chinese Communists’ current legal framework and political system (as reported at ) . Hence the US-Buddhism will have to bring the Tibetans (in India and in Tibet) under its influence then only the Tibetans will work for the independence of Tibet. In this regard this  fact will also help the US-Buddhism that Buddhism has considerable presence in China. 

The Biden- administration should also realize that - iF India gives-up “One China policy” then it will also impact the issues of Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan which all are claimed by China as its integral territory but which all have been  agitating against China. for independence-  And this will put China at its proper place (with comparatively much less bloodshed) if the USA handles this  whole affair properly and intelligently. 

IT is hoped the Biden-administration will try to establish a “new rule based participatory global order” which will ensure peaceful prosperous life (to the people and to the smaller countries including of Pacific region) by taking assistance of India and of US-Buddhism as mentioned above.

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