High time, sovereignty-deficit & fakely-boastful India understands China is merely ideological problem to the West but security problem for India hence India should deal with the USA by quid-pro-quo. By Hem Raj Jain


Powerful West led by the USA is short of manpower (ii)- China progressed economically  by supplying labor to the West and India can become great power by supplying soldiers to the West (iii)- India has golden opportunity to become second important country after the USA if first tries for Akhand Bharat’ (the FSD- Extended SAARC) and then a major player in establishing and running new rule based global order (iv)- But nothing such good can happen in India as long as majority of its people follow discriminatory & hierarchical Hinduism (v)- When Christianity and Islam don’t seem to be interested, Jainism can help in this matter if its followers and religious leaders (especially JAINA in the USA) become responsible. (vi)-. THe ineptitude of political leadership of India is evident from the fact that  unlike dispute with Pakistan over Kashmir which is political border dispute with China is legal which can easily be resolved by referring it to Judicial Commision of world body  

On the unabated mass scale violence since May 3, 2003 in border state of Manipur (which has assumed the  tone & tenure of even HIndus v/s Christians conflict hence has attracted the concern and even ire of powerful Christian world) the  former Army Chief Gen M.M.Narvane has said that the  involvement of foreign agencies in violence-hit Manipur “cannot be ruled out,” as he highlighted the role of “Chinese aid to various insurgent groups” in the northeastern state and further said that it is definitely there, especially Chinese aid to the various insurgent groups, they've been helping them for so many years so they will continue, I believe," and Gen Narvane also highlighted the role of Myanmar in it by saying that “We are just a little remote from the Golden Triangle (the area where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet). Myanmar is always in a state of disarray and military rule. Even at the best of times in Myanmar, the government only had control over the central Myanmar not really on the peripheral bordering state whether with India or with China or with Thailand. So drug trafficking has always been there,"  and the  Myanmar Junta (which deposed elected government in a coup in 2021) is supported by China as reported at https://news.rediff.com/commentary/2023/jul/28/manipur-violence-excoas-hints-at-foreign-hand/f710890d37437e6c745f438179d3cd81#:~:text=Former%20army%20chief%20general%20M%20M%20Naravane%20Friday,is%20bad%20for%20the%20country%27s%20overall%20national%20security and  https://thediplomat.com/2022/04/china-pledges-support-for-myanmars-junta-no-matter-how-the-situation-changes/

This highlights the unfortunate reality (for Indians) that  how much the rulers of India have made India  away from becoming a self respecting responsible country. It is an established principle of State Affairs that any country (like China & Myanmar in this case) which behaves in a manner as China and Myanmar are doing in the North East of India are to be considered and even declared as enemy countries and need to be dealt with accordingly.

But India on the other hand say (with hollow boast) from various forums, national and international, that India is ‘Vishwa Guru’(the teacher/ guide of the world) and Indians are never tired of saying that the West led by the USA is trying (in its own interest) to make India militarily powerful so that India can become bulwark against China (as mentioned at https://theprint.in/world/india-is-the-most-important-bulwark-against-china-expert/1533274/ ) with which the west is engaged in cold war-II between “liberal democratic West led by the USA” v/s “Authoritarian Chinese democracy”.  In other words India thinks that it is the West led by the USA which needs India more than vice-versa.  Hence India naively expects the USA to go out of the way in favor of India (in its any deal with India which has strategic and military implications and that especially for China) which is wrong rather India should deal with the USA on the basis of quid-pro-quo. 

It is not surprising because India doesn’t understand what sovereignty is and tolerating cowardly what China (even if we overlook  humiliating for India 1962 Indo-Chian war) is doing with India since 2020 in Eastern Ladakh where despite many rounds of Indo-China talks between their military commander China has not vacated the land which it occupied even in 2020 (as claimed even by ruling  party’s Member of Parliament  Subramaniyanm Swamy in many TV Show programs including at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38MoQ_Z-kEg   ) and now as per Gen Narvane is creating problems by using Myanmar . THe ineptitude of political leadership of India is evident from the fact that  unlike dispute with Pakistan over Kashmir which is political border dispute with China is legal which can easily be resolved by referring it to Judicial Commission of world body after India reversing its position on Tibet by saying that India now (before this Judicial Commission) no longer considers Tibet as an integral part of China. . People thought that with PM Modi( who himself boasted  about his chest being 56 inches) in power India will be able to handle China courageously, but it has turned out to be a delusion and false hope. The problem is not merely with the political leadership of India but with mainly its religion Hinduism, where the majority of Hindus (SC, ST and OBC) are demoralized as they are socially inferior in Hindu order and such demoralized people can’t run democracy. Moreover specially after 'Hindutva forces' have come in power politically,  the secularism of India has become questionable. Therefore unless the majority of Hindus are converted to some egalitarian religion there is no hope for India in ‘secular democracy’ a sine-qua-non for free mind (necessary for the progress of modern science & technology) without which no country can progress in the present world. 

Two major egalitarian religion namely Christianity and Islam seem to be not interested in converting majority of Hindus to their religion as it seems from their lack of interest in what I  mentioned at https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/exclusive-reports-details/272 and https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/4249  . My religion  Jainism can help in this matter if its followers and religious leaders (especially JAINA in the USA) become responsible as mentioned athttps://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/exclusive-reports-details/262  . THis will also avoid unnecessary heart burns in HIndutva forces (which leads to avoidable violence too)  if HIndus are converted to non- Indian  religions like CHristianity and Islam   

India can succeed in this project of establishing a new global order if it understands that the powerful West led by the USA is short of manpower hence China progressed economically  by supplying trained and skilled labor to the West and now India (rather ‘Akhand Bharat’) can become great power by supplying professional soldiers to the West. At the same time  India will have to deal with the USA on the basis of  quid-pro-quo if  India wants to exploit this  golden opportunity to become second important country after the USA in contemporary world first by trying  for Akhand Bharat’ (the FSD- Extended SAARC) and then by trying to become a major player in establishing and running "new rule based human rights friendly participatory global order" because existing global order of the UN sponsored by the USA in 1945 has been demolished by Russia (with the support of another veto wielding country China) through Ukraine war and modern world (including India) can’t do without some global order.

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