Strategically will prove costly to the West if Prez Biden fails to dissuade India from committing same blunder in Mizoram as it did about Kashmiri Pandits in J&K. By Hem Raj Jain


Hindutva forces prescribing the same remedy to Meiteis of Mizoram which was tried in case of Kashmiri Pandits. (ii)- Hindu majority India will repent if treats Indian Christians in its North East (supported by powerful Christian West) like Indian Muslims 

It is no secret that the USA and France where recently Indian PM Modi went on State visits the agreements about military equipment were reached for the single purpose that the West led by the USA wants China to be contained. But the West led by the USA is so naive that it doesn’t understand that India is of no use to the West against China because India may face dismemberment at its North East if China in the present situation by using its ally Myanmar supports separatist activities in Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram, as explained below:-

(1)- To what extent the situation has worsened in India is evident from the fact that Hindus are being air lifted from Christian majority State of Mizoram as reported at . It is like what happened in the Muslim majority State of J&K in nineties where Hindu Kashmiri Pandits were taken out from Kashmir valley by Indian State (as reported at ) where Hindus were threatened by separatist militant Jihadis who mainly became free from Afghanistan after end of cold war. .Naturally as was feared at that time it didn’t solve the problems of hundreds of thousands of displaced Kashmiri Pandits rather on the contrary it exacerbated the Kashmir problem which has not been solved despite abolition of Article 370 and bifurcation of J&K State in August 2019.

(2)- Now when Hindu Meiteis are being tried to be airlifted because allegedly they face threat to their lives at the hand of Christian militants of Mizoram supported by Myanmar (which is supported by China as mentioned at ) it will also result in the same tragedy which will make these airlifted Meiteis another Kashmiri Pandits of India. IT is highly likely to happen because China can not be expected to spare India, (a country which is going round the word shopping for military equipments meant to contain China) when China has an immense upper hand militarily in the North East part of India,  due to Manipur crisis as mentioned at .

(3)- After taking out Kashmiri Pandits from Muslim majority Kashmir Valley Indian security forces could kill tens of thousands of separatist militant Jihadis in Kashmir. If  Indian security forces  are  thinking that they  will be able to do the same with CHristians in Mizoram the Hindu majority India will repent if they treat Indian Christians in its North East (supported by powerful Christian West) like Indian Muslims.  Here it is educative to note that when Kashmiri Pandits were facing violence during that period in late eighties and nineties the Hindutva forces could mobilize Lakhs of people to demolish Babri masjid at Ayodhya  but could not take Hindu zealots  to Kashmir to protect the Kashmiri Pandits. Now also Hindutva forces have abandoned the Hindus in Mizoram and the BJP is prescribing the same remedy to Meiteis of Mizoram which was tried in case of Kashmiri Pandits.  

(4)- In this matter three  more factors go against India vis-a-vis China. (i)- Year 2024 is election year in India for Parliamentary elections hence the political climate of India will make this Hindu air lifting matter highly explosive and will make it more difficult for government of India to take proper political decisions to resolve this crises in North East of India (ii)- Christianity is a religion which is followed by powerful West and is not as powerless as Islam. Hence Hindus v/s Christians divide is bound to exacerbate further given the fact that British Parliament has discussed the situation in Manipur where Christian women under police custody were publicly gang raped and paraded naked as reported at  (iii)- India’s arch enemy Pakistan (which is pining to dismember India as a revenge of what India did in 1971 in East Pakistan which brought independent Bangladesh in existence) will exploit this situation to instigate its all weather friend and ally China to dismember India at its North-East .

Therefore if Prez Biden is really serious about using India as a bulwark against China then he should rescue India from the stranglehold  of China at North East of India where India instead of providing safety and security to Hindu Meiteis is pursuing suicidal policy (as it did about Kashmiri Pandits) of taking beleaguered Hindus out of Christian majority State of Mizoram

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