Supreme Court ought to take suo-moto cognizance of Christian tribal women (under police custody) publicly gang raped & paraded naked in Manipur. By Hem Raj Jain


CHristian women (under police custody) could be publicly gang raped and paraded naked speaks volumes about communally poisoned State of Hindu majority India (ii)-NO surprise if the NHRC again proves itself to be a white elephant. (iii)- one shudders to think what would have happened if these women were Hindus and not Christians (iv)- It is a fit case to disturb the conscience of the SCI. (v)- THe Schedule tribes are protected also under The Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act which has been rendered merely a meaningless piece of paper

Two Christian women were filmed being paraded naked around an Indian village in an online video that has triggered outrage as reported at

It has happened in the State  of Manipur where mass scale violence has been going on unabated since May 3, 2023 which has become difficult to be controlled due to two factors ;-

(1)- Religious factor. The Hindu Meiteis are in majority in Manipur and are in power hence the party BJP (in power in Manipur and at Centre) which is under the influence of communal Hindutva forces favors the Meiteis community and harasses and persecutes the Kuki tribe which mostly follow Christianity as mentioned at and . . THis is the reason that Women paraded naked in Manipur were  taken away from police custody by mob rather it should be construed that police under BJP government facilitated the mob to snatch these women from police and then forced them naked in a parade on road. God forbid but Had these women been from Hindu community by this time the party BJP led by PM Modi under influence of Hindutva forces / RSS / Bajrang Dal would have made the entire HIndu majority India stand still by going  on nation level strike coupled with street violence against non-Hindus (specially genocide of  Christians). 

(2)- China factor . Violence in Manipur is not coming under control because the Myanmar Junta (supported by China) is instigating it (as mentioned at ) by way of infiltration of men, arms & ammunition and drugs in Manipur. And PM modi is afraid of CHIna as is evident from what China has done in Eastern Ladakh since 2020 (as claimed even by his party’s Member of Parliament  Subramaniyan Swamy in many TV Show programs including at ) hence PM Modi is unable to muster adequate courage to solve the problem in Manipur. THis is also a fact that such infiltration from neighboring counties takes place also due to corruption (bribes to) in the security forces which protect the borders of India as reported at,establishment%20creates%20problems%20of%20terrorist%20infiltration. Because without such corruption such massive smuggling of men, arms & ammunition and drugs in Manipur to and from MYanmar is impossible. 

This unfortunate situation in Manipur can be brought to normalcy if the Supreme Court of India (SCI) takes suo-moto cognizance of this incident of naked parading of two Christian tribal women. In the past also the SCi has been taking suo-moto cognizance of incidents in India which had disturbed the conscience  of the SCI hence the SCI Should take suo-moto cognizance of this matter unless the SCI thinks that such matter doesn’t disturb the conscience of the SCI.  The initiation of the SCI  has become all the more necessary because the institution which is  mainly concerned with the human rights of the people of India the NHRC, as usual remains a white elephant at the cost of money of the exchequer of India. 

This reality on ground also doesn’t help. The apex religious bodies of the Christianity is interested only in whites of European origin and not in browns and blacks fro Asia, Africa and South Americas that is why are not interested in spreading the human rights friendly message of Jesus Christ in rest of the world though they can easily do it as mentioned at and 

Though in the communal contemporary India the SCI does not invoke much confidence the way it has neglected the constitutionally protected human rights of non-Hindus (as evident from what the SCI did to Kashmiri Muslims who’s writ petition even about habeascorpus  were not entertained by the SCi after abolition of Article 370 in August 2019 ( as reported at ) or what the SCI did to Indian Muslims about Babri mAsjid and its related matter in Gujarat in 2002 as mentioned at  ➖

But whether Indians like it or not the SCI (with plenaray powers under Articles 32, 141, 142 and 144 of the Constitution) Still remains the organ of Indian State which can provide effective relief in this matter of Manipur violence if it disposes  this matter by taking into consideration both the above mentioned factors of religion and China / Myanmar

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