Communal nationalism in India may not like Le Monde’s ‘Modi the butcher of Gujarat’ spoiler but after China experience the West is trying to be alive to ideology. By Hem Raj Jain


The West led by the USA wouldn’t like to repeat the mistake with India what it did with China of neglecting ideology (ii)- Contrary legal (judicial) and political (electoral) verdicts don’t negate facts on ground (iii)- Journalists are under obligation to apply “reverse inference” to facts without caring for contrary  legal & political verdicts to the  facts they know. (iv)- Something is  wrong with the SCI and people of Gujarat & India who overlooked complicity (by their acts of omission) of ‘2002 Gujarat govt. Functionaries’  in massacre and not with the facts on ground of State condoned massacre.  

In the new Cold War between “liberal western democracy v/s authoritarian Chinese democracy” , there’s no denying the United States and China are engaged in an intense long-term rivalry based on ideology and not merely on geopolitics. When the West was helping China to grow economically at that time also people said that a powerful China with authoritarian political model will one day pose immense problem for the liberal political system  of the West  (which it has done by supporting Russia in Ukraine war which has destroyed the US-sponsored global order of the UN), hence now  the West has realized that -” ideology has always played a massive role in driving the conflict—and many tensions would have been avoided if the West dealt with a democratic China” as all these mentioned at 

This becoming alive by the West to ideological concerns is the reason when PM Modi came to the USA on a State visit former President Obama raised the question of secularism-deficit in India on which Ministers of Modi government and Chief Minister of his party BJP issued angry Statement against Obama as reported at and now Modi supporters in media have started showing anger against french prominent media Le Monde which went to the extent of saying that Modi is allegedly the butcher of Gujarat  as mentioned like  -”[Modi, today's internationally celebrated leader, is nonetheless a figure who has fostered state-sponsored violence for decades. The former chief minister of the state of Gujarat was directly involved in a massacre in that state in 2002, which caused around 2,000 deaths. Since then, the career of the man nicknamed the "Butcher of Gujarat" has been punctuated by violent nationalist upsurges, purges and abuses]” as reported at .

But the grudging & furious Modi supporters (who don’t like criticism of Modi regarding human rights issues) should know that:-

(1)- “Doodh ka jala chhachh bhi foonk foonk kar peeta hai” any burnt child dreads the fire. Hence the West led by the USA which has burnt its fingers once with China doesn't want to support another country India in its progress especially when India (as per Obama and Le Monde) is not practicing the western liberal values of secularism democracy, fraternity etc. 

(2)- The Modi supporters are never tired of saying that the Supreme Court of India (SCI) gave clean chit to Modi and his government in 2002-2003 and to the SIT and Modi represented 60 million people of Gujarat  in 2002-2003 and now is representing 1400 million people of India hence after these legal (judicial) and political (electoral) verdicts in favor of Modi nobody has any right to criticize Modi about what happened in Gujarat in 2002. But these Modi supporters don’t understand that there is something “reverse inference “ in Journalism which means that if a journalist saw (as many journalists including from  foreign media saw in Gujarat during  2002 massacre ) some people mainly Muslims being killed / injured,  their properties destroyed and their women molested and dishonored but government machinery didn’t come for their rescue despite repeated request by victims to such law enforcement machinery of the State of Hindu majority India then if judiciary has gives clean chit to  such accused public servants and if public elects such Criminal public servant politicians then the journalist who saw such frantic call for help without any help to victims from the law enforcing authorities are under professional obligation to believe that  something is wrong with such justice delivery system (of the judiciary) and the electorates and the said journalists who saw these massacre  are under obligation to keep on defending  what they saw on ground.notwithstanding contrary judicial and political (electoral)  verdict. 

(3)- These Modi supporters and complaining Indians about Obama. Le Monde etc should know that (i)- the imposing edifice of political power the communal Hindutva forces have erected in India is merely a house of cards and it will come down crashing and crumbling on ground the day Indian Muslims by shedding un-Islamic Cowardice file two petitions in the SCI one about Babri Msjid and other about BBC documentary as mentioned at . and (ii)- the communal game being played by Hindutva forces will come to an end the day theUS- establishment motivates the US-Christianity -Christianity to take seriously the mission of  spreading the message of Jesus Christ in rest of the world as mentioned at- 

Therefore the people all over the world including in communal-nationalism-practicing India should not be surprised if now the West led by the USA (after China experience) is trying to become more concerned and alive to ideological matters

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