India provides a golden opportunity to China to enter India physically through Manipur and Tezpur / Tawang to plant & flourish Chinese Buddhism in India. By Hem Raj Jain


 Xi Jinping will have to stop relying mainly on economic & military approach to counter India’s support to the USA in containing & harming China (ii)- India is evidently grossly underestimating China as it did  during run-up to 1962 Indo-China war which was most humiliating for India (iii)- Starting from Manipur Chinese Buddhism can easily replace apathetic Christianity as alternate religion to start with in entire N-E of India  (iv)- XI Jinping will have to be tough on Chinese Buddhism in garnering its support for the vital interests of Chinese State and for Chinese sponsored new global order.

“Modern technology and sciences including social sciences” -  provide power to people and to countries in the contemporary world, which require a free mind which is possible only in secular democracy because then only the mind is free from the coercion of two traditional authorities namely religion (about temporal this-worldly matters)  and State (having military as an important element). Hence when the major religion of India, Hinduism, is destroying both (democracy & Secularism as explained ) then India has hope only when the majority of Hindus are converted to some egalitarian and pro-secularism religion because even in secular countries religion is the custodian and spreader of the values of the society. 

Presently (due to covid-19 pandemic experience and Ukraine war) practically every one in the USA and not merely US-establishment is obsessed with the idea of containing and harming China in which India is considered to be an important ally due to obvious reasons of very long Indo-China border and unresolved Tibet issue but in this regard so-far India has not lived up to the expectations of the USA hence commentators including Ashley Tellis are suggesting various ways to effectively rope-in India by the USA in this project of humbling China. But the USA is not realizing that China can easily humble India as mentioned at . The People in the USA  can only hope that  the US-establishment (including political commentators like Ashley J Tellis) will  understand the importance of the people of democratic countries (like India) and will stop naively depending merely on government to government relationship.

To make the matter worse for the USA and India  nowadays India has provided a golden opportunity to China to enter India physically through Manipur and Tezpur / Tawang monastery to plant and flourish the  Chinese Buddhism in India as explained below:-

(1)- The Kuki tribe in Manipur believes that it is targeted ethnic cleansing of Kukis in Manipur as argued by Haokip, a Kuki MLa from Manipur during an interview to the Wire ( ) and apathetic Christianity as usual hs failed to protect the life properties and honor of its followers in Manipur hence Chinese Buddhism can enter Manipur in a big way also physically under the protection of Chinese military which is quite possible because MANIPUR  shares border with MYANMAR which is under huge CHINESE influence. 

(2)- As far as month long Tibet march to Tezpur (in the wake up of the recent allegedly disinformation campaign against Dalai Lama ), urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi and all the world leaders to raise the issue of Tibet in the upcoming G-20 meeting in September this year, because allegedly Tibetans always say that Tibetan people's call for Tibet's independence is not just for the Tibetan people rather India's security is also a key point. Since the illegal occupation of Tibet, there is a continuous border tension along the Line of Actual Control." (as reported at ). This Tibet march will not be able to attract public support due to two reasons (i)-  In popular perception there is no disinformation rather Dalai Lama indeed indulged in tongue sucking hence apologized for it as reported at and (ii)- Regarding independence of Tibet during Beijing olympics Dalai Lama didn’t take long march to Beijing for pressing his demand for independent Tibet on the contrary said to China  that “My main point is: We are not against you. And I’m not seeking separation” as reported at hence Dalai Lama doesn’t have credibility among Indians because on one hand Dali Lama leads Tibet Government in exile on Indian soil at Dharmshala in Himachal Pradesh, India and on other hand doesn’t want separation of Tibet from China. Moreover even India’s position on Tibet is contradictory because India officially accepts Tibet as an integral part of China but allows the Tibetan government in exile on Indian soil.  Hence this one month long march by Tibetans has no chance of attracting support on the said both these counts. 

On the contrary China can easily ask Chinese Buddhism to take a long march to Tezpur / Tawang monastery even under the protection of Chinese military (because Arunachal Pradesh not only shares border with China but is also claimed by China as its territory) to highlight DalaiLama’s indefensible position on both these counts. But it can happen only when  President XI Jinping  becomes  tough on Chinese Buddhism in garnering its support for the vital interests of the Chinese State and for the Chinese sponsored the said new global order. 

At the same time It is hoped by Indians in the USA that on the instigation of the USA India will not grossly underestimate China as it did  during the run-up to 1962 Indo-China war which has been the most humiliating for India.

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