Tellis & US- establishment Should know China can easily take-over India politically if tries to convert majority of Hindus to Chinese Buddhism. By Hem Raj Jain


Not only India’s arch enemy nuclear Pakistan but other countries of SAARC are also very friendly to China (ii)- Entire US Foreign policy against China will fall flat on ground if  China seriously tries to takeover India politically through Chinese Buddhism (iii)- China can convert majority of Indians to Chinese  Buddhism if uses Chinese  Buddhism to eradicate the caste system and to strengthen secularism in India (iv)- Democracy has no meaning if majority of population is economically deprived (v)- Secularism, even as per US main media, is under threat in post 2014 India.

The article in ‘Foreign affairs’ and interview to the 'Wire' by renowned Expert on indo-US relations Ashley J Tellis ( and ) have raised very important issues for the entire world  especially in post Ukraine war global scenario but Tellis (through his suggestions for improved Indo-US military & strategic Partnership) and the US-establishment  are not trying to understand that though India is an important country for the USA for Chinese confrontation but India is not that powerful politically as has been projected due to ideological reasons of its 75 years of secular democracy rather on the contrary China can easily  takeover India politically through Chinese Buddhism as mentioned below:-

(1)- The majority religion of India the Hinduism is destroying secular democracy of India through Caste System of Hindu order and anti-Muslim communal agenda of ruling partyBJP Led by PM Modi under the influence of 'Hindutva' which has long political history in Hindu majority India since even pre partition days  before 1947 especially since 1923 when Savarkar (the ideological Guru of  the RSS and Hindutva forces) published his book ‘Hindutva’ (which was exploited by Jinnah & his party Muslim League to partition India on the basis of ‘TWO NATION THEORY’. This ideology of two nation theory (propounded by Savarkar) is still dominant as is evident from RSS Chief Bhagwat’s recent speech  where he laid down conditions for Muslims to live in India as reported at .

(2)- Due to the discriminatory & hierarchical castes system  of Hindu order the overwhelming majority of Indians (the SC, ST and OBC) has remained economically weaker hence political commentators and politicians of India have started asking increased reservation not only in all the government services & elected bodies of Indian State (as mentioned also at ) but suicidal reservations in private sectors too (as mentioned at (   and ) . But no body is talking about eliminating caste system rather working for strengthening the castes system by further institutionalizing it  by reservation policy. 

(3)- As far as secularism is concerned even the US-administration and political leadership, media political commentators etc of the USA  have been critical of India the way Muslims are being treated in post-MODI regime India after 2014.  So much so that they are afraid of filing proper petitions in the SCI for relief and justice as mentioned at  and .

(4)- In other words about 80 % India (the SC, ST, OBC and Muslims) is dis-satisfied and aggrieved in India and it is precisely due to this reason that China can intervene to takeover India politically if tries to convert majority of India to Chinese Buddhism (a prominent religion of China) by carrying out following 6 measures which will also solve China’s problems with Tibetans living in India (who’s  leader Dalai LAma is still not clear whether he believes in one China policy or is the head of Tibetan government in exile at Dharmshala in Himachal Pradesh of India):-

(i)- Present global order of the UN has been demolished by Russia through the Ukraine war hence the world is in dire need of another global order (without which necessary globalization is impossible) which China can launch which (for the benefit of China) will finish the clout of the USA And its NATO Allies if the new global order is based on ideology namely (i)- Participatory body where every country will have voting power in its security council commensurate with its contribution of men (including military), money and material (including military) and its record of human rights (ii)- Protection of land & water territorial integrity and of international waters / sea routes (iii)- Takeover of WMDs (nuclear, biological and Chemical) of member countries and then their elimination  in a time bound period (iv)- Empowering people of member countries by allowing them to move the human rights commission and international court of justice of new world body in case of the serious and gross violation of their basic human rights (v)- Introduction of global currency with proper asset back-up with its central bank with new world body and its adequate number of branches in every member country of new world body. 

(ii)- Since the days of Dr B.R. Ambedkar (the tallest Dalit leader of India and important framer of Indian Constitution) the Dalits have been joining Buddhism and Buddhism has considerable presence in India . Hence Chinese Buddhism  (ChBddh) can  immediately start constructing 773 Buddhist Temples / Meditation Centres , one in every district of India which will cost merely RS 400 Crores  which ChBddh can easily mobilize, as per the laws of  India through contribution (provided by China) by Indian citizens for these new Buddhist temples / Meditation Centres . 

(iii)- The ChBddh can  train / develop 773 religious leaders / clergy of Buddhism from India of one for each such Buddhist temple./ Meditation centre  This clergy recruited from India  will know the local language which will help the mission. 

(iv)- All the so-called Dalit political parties of India (of Mayawati, Ambedkar, Athawale, Ravan, Paswan  etc) have failed to bring relief and justice to Dalits hence the ChBddh can  patronize a political party which will be used for this mission through this clergy first by getting the said 4 petitions filed by Muslims in the SCI and for recovery of the said Rs 1,000 Trillion  income tax from i million fake farmers, and for getting “fundamental right (for safety and security of old & new entrants to Buddhism) to licensed gun with non-lethal ( tranquilizing) bullets''.

(v)- The ChBddh can  launch respectable print and electronic media in India which will be used for this mission through this clergy. 

(vi)- THe biggest problem the economically & socially weaker people are  facing in the SAARC region about conversion as per freedom of religion is that the entrants to new religion are harassed and persecuted under the influence of majoritarianism . Hence it is intriguing that even  the Christianity didn't pursue the case of the genocide in courts (national and international) of competent jurisdiction especially when violence against Christians at Kandhmal  in 2008 (as mentioned at where dereliction of religious leaders of Christianity is being overlooked by saying that faith is growing despite genocide) is genocide as per UN definition of genocide (as mentioned at  ).The ChBddh  can still do it through new world body (if China is prepared to protect human rights of its people like Uyghurs Muslims, TIbetan Buddhists etc in China) which is the most effective remedy for providing safety and security to  entrants to new religion who are always under threat due to majoritarianism prevalent in the SAARC region. 

It does not require a genius of political science to understand that if China launches the said new global order and takes over India politically  through Chinese Buddhism  (in which many rather considerable part of Indians including  from Dalits and OBC and the supporters of democracy & secularism in India will assist the ChBddh ) then the USA will face insurmountable problems in Chinese confrontation especially in view that not only Pakistan but other countries of SAARC (home to about 2 billion people the one fourth of world's population) are already friendly to China.

One can only hope that  the US-establishment (including political commentators like Ashley J Tellis) will understand the importance of the people of  democratic countries (like India) and will stop naively depending merely on government to government relationship.

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