To win cold war-II Prez Biden should appreciate problems of India - “not suicidal reservation in private sector rather massive conversion is the solution” By Hem Raj Jain


Reservation in the private sector will further and completely destroy the economy of India (ii)- Global order requires a global religion which supports and protects the global order (iii)- Asian Indian Americans can assist the US Christianity in its mission (iv)-  The  reservation in private sector based on caste census will further consolidate the harmful caste system (v)- without removing (by conversion) the root cause (the Hinduism) of discriminatory & hierarchical caste system there is no hope for India.

 Due to the hot war in Ukraine the attention of the world got removed from the cold war-II of liberal Western democracy of secular democracy led by the USA’ v/s 'Authoritarian Chinese democracy’ but it is a ticking bomb in India of 1.4 billion people , the largest secular democracy of the world. China has  been saying that Western democracy doesn;’t suit the developing world  that is why India is poor and unlike China has not been able to improve the lives of its majority of population due to unsatisfactory  progress of Indian economy coupled with huge income disparities disadvantageous to oppressed and backward castes. 

In the last fortnight some far-reaching rather explosive developments have taken place in India. On Sunday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi demanded  the 2011 caste-based census data to the public and demanded the removal of the 50 per cent cap on reservations as reported at . After Congress in Raipur session ( ) now even BJP Leader has started talking about reservation in private sector (as reported at ). The USA should understand  that if lack of development of large part, more than  two third of Indians (oppressed and backward castes) is not rectified then demand for reservation will increase and if political compulsions constrain the Indian State to enforce reservation in private sector then India will be the most important rather crucial factor for the defeat of the USA in the cold war-II. 

If Prez Biden is serious about winning cold war-II then he should realize that the discriminatory & hierarchical caste system is part of Hinduism hence the real solution lies in converting the majority of HIndus to some egalitarian religion. Such a religion can't be Buddhism because many Dalits (since the time of Dr. Ambedkar, the tallest Dalit leader) adopted Buddhism but it failed to solve their problems. Hence Prez BIden should persuade the US Christianity  to spread the message of Jesus Christ in the SAARC region of 2 billion people. But before that Prez BIden will have to solve the problem of harassment and persecution of new entrants to Christianity as is evident also from concern recently  shown by President of India about atrocities on Christians as reported at

Only the people of those countries can lead good-life (with peace, prosperity and justice) who’s major religion supports and protects the State which is nothing but law, national &  international because even in a secular country religion is the custodian of the values of its contemporary society. And Islam and HInduism (much less than Islam) have been trying to damage their States hence Christianity should try to become a global religion which is necessary for the global order which has become inevitable due to the unprecedented advance in modern science & technology.of  the last about 500 years .  

 It is hoped the apex religious body (of  whichever sect / denomination  of US-Christianity both the Indian Christians & Pakistani Christians in the USA are following) will discharge their religious duty of spreading the message of Jesus Christ of hope (the real message of Easter through resurrection ) in the SAARC region of about 2 billion people by converting majority of its population to Christianity so that the people of SAARC region can lead honorable life consistent with human rights promised by any contemporary world order, as mentioned at:-

 Because India is crucial in this matter  if Apex Religious Body of US Christianity (ARBUSChr)  does the following six (in which Asian Indian Americans can also assist it) then the majority of SAARC / India is bound to be on the path of getting converted to Christianity, as generally mentioned in above article PCP 4135:-

(1)- ARBUSChr should immediately start constructing 773 Churches, one in every district of India which will cost merely 50 million dollars which ARBUSChr can easily mobilize, as per the laws of  India. 

(2)- The ARBUSChr should train / develop 773 religious leaders / clergy from India of its denomination of Christianity one for each such Church. This clergy recruited from India  will know the local language which will help the mission. 

(3)- the ARBUSChr should patronize a political party which will be used for this mission through this clergy first by getting 4 petitions filed in the SCI and for recovery of the said Rs 1,000 Trillion  income tax from i million fake farmers, and for getting “fundamental right to licensed gun with non-lethal ( tranquilizing) bullets”. :

(4)- The ARBUSChr should launch respectable print and electronic media in India which will be used for this mission through this clergy. 

(5)- The ARBUSChr should take the help of six organizations / Authorities / Forum in the USA namely (A)-IAMC to get petitions filed in SCI By Indian Muslims and to address the problem of harassment under the pressure of unconstitutional majoritarianism of new entrants to Christianity help from (B)-TLHRC, ( C)- USCIRF, (D)- Committee of US Senate  for External Affairs, (E)- White House and (F)- Permanent US Representative in UN.    

(6)- THe biggest problem the Christianity is facing in the SAARC region about conversion as per freedom of religion is that the new entrants to Christianity are harassed and persecuted under the influence of majoritarianism . Hence it is intriguing why the Christianity didn't pursue the case of the genocide in courts (national and international) of competent jurisdiction especially when violence against Christians at Kandhmal  in 2008 (as mentioned at where derelicion of religious leaders of Christianity is being overlooked by saying that faith is growing despite genocide) is genocide as per UN definition of genocide (as mentioned at ). Rather the ARBUSChr can still do it which is the most effective remedy for providing safety and security to new entrants to Christianity. 

Once this mission succeeds in India then it can be emulated in Pakistan etc  and in other MUslim countries too which with additional billions of people under influence of CHristianity is bound to help in successfully launching a “new participatory human rights friendly global order” without which now mankind simply can’t do.  

Therefore in the interest of avoiding any chance of defeat in the cold war-II, it is hoped Prez Biden will persuade the US Christianity to discharge its religious duty of spreading the message of Jesus Christ of hope in the SAARC region of about 2 billion people by converting majority of its population to Christianity

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